Our Favorite Beauty Brands of February 2022

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We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty labels across skincare, makeup, and hair to buy in February 2022. From Gen-Z skincare that focuses on not only appearance but effectiveness to glow-boosting face masks that are formulated with natural colors from superfoods and natural ingredients, these are some of our favorite beauty brands of February.

Care Skincare

A favorite amongst skincare enthusiasts, Care Skincare’s range of moisturizers and creams are formulated to quench thirsty skin. Take Care’s Hydrating Water Cream, for example, a lightweight moisturizer that the brand recommends you apply every day. It’s made using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, which provides an instant boost of Vitamins C and E, leaving the complexion bright and hydrated.

Staying away from complicated and otherwise expensive serums and creams, Care Skincare maintains its luxury-esque while keeping things simple yet reasonable when it comes to pricing. In 2022, we can likely expect more product launches and a growing Care Skincare community.


UK-based label Faace was created with the goal of simplifying skincare in mind. While many beauty brands can sometimes be confusing or complex in regards to navigating the perfect cleanser or treatment, this brand aims to provide an up-front solution. Many of the products, like the best-selling Period Faace Mask, cut straight to the chase about when, why, and how to use which can be such a relief when dealing with a particular irritant like dry or dull skin.

Some of the label’s products tackle tiredness, time of the month, anxiety, and over-exercising head-on, with formulas designed for each respective way that self-sabotages our skin. Founder Jasmine Wicks-Stephens launched the brand after 15 years of working in communications with some of today’s most notable beauty agencies across haircare, skincare, and fragrance. She recognized a void in the industry and quickly filled it. Ultimately, it’s an affordable skincare brand that serves a purpose rather than being your typical surface-level brand.


Founded in 2021 by Lindsey Martin, Kiramoon is an emerging beauty label that places a heavy emphasis on design as underlined in the brand’s use of bright pink hues, heart-shaped designs, and adorable packaging. Everything from its typeface to message brings out a child-like excitement that further cements the appeal behind the brand. Fortunately, it holds up just as well with the use of ingredients such as squalane, hyaluronic acid, seed oil, and aloe vera juice to name a few.

The Flowermelon Super Hydra Serum is amongst many of the brand’s beloved roster, designed to smoothen and lock in moisture to provide the complexion with hydration. Elsewhere, the Star Jelly Magic Resurfacing Facial is an exfoliating treatment mask that gives the skin a shimmer while reducing breakouts and dry skin. If you’re looking for a skincare label that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, then Kiramoon is certainly a brand to give a go at.

TYS Beauty

Treat yourself with TYS Beauty’s rose-infused lash serum and peppermint lip plumper. Created by twin sisters Hannah and Haylee Harrison, the two have carved out their own space as lash technicians and estheticians for the past several years before launching the beauty label. Their products help achieve longer and fuller-looking lashes without compromising your natural lashes.

TYS’ Lash Treat is an eyelash serum with rose water that ensures longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes. The use of ingredients such as aloe vera and soy proteins adds extra moisture without the product feeling too heavy like some other serums. The Lash Treat is formulated without any oils, thus it can be used on either eyelash extensions or natural eyelashes daily. On the other hand, the label’s Lip Treat nourishes your lips through the use of oils such as jojoba, peppermint, and ginger which are nutrient-dense with Vitamins E and B.


Taking a rather minimal approach when it comes to skincare, Maes Face is formulating products with natural colors from superfoods and ingredients that treat the skin well. One of the label’s best-selling, the Beet Red Mask helps with acne and anti-aging while the Spirulina Green Mask aids in skin calming and detoxing. Elsewhere, the brand has Yellow Face Oil which can be applied after the mask, using an array of different oils which include but are not limited to jojoba, hempseed, and Vitamin E.

Using natural ingredients like spirulina, beet powder, and blue algae aids in exfoliating the top-most layers of the skin which is essential when recovering from a scar. The label is committed to not only being vegan and cruelty-free but using seven or fewer products as well including bentonite clay—used to unclog pores and draw out toxins. If you haven’t already, it might be worth adding a face mask to your skincare routine.

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