OUI The People

OUI The People Introduces CHEAT SHEET Body Serum

Black-owned body care brand OUI the People has had a phenomenal rise over the past year or so. Following a series of new products, the brand now introduces CHEAT SHEET, a chemical exfoliant for the body. Formulated with glycolic acid, lactic acid, and proline, the body serum is designed to exfoliate skin cells and smoothen your complexion overnight.

The founder and CEO of OUI, Karen Young, shares, “CHEAT SHEET is the product I’ve always dreamed of as someone who experiences keratosis pilaris. It’s a gentle, thoughtful approach to rough skin and clogged pores that’s actually soothing and hydrating, designed to work overnight, which is a dream for this new mom. She adds, “A bonus: it’s a breeze to use on underarms and bikini lines that present with hyperpigmentation.”

CHEAT SHEET is now available on OUI the People’s webstore for $38 USD!

In other beauty news, Billie Eilish recently announced her first fragrance, and surprise, it’s vegan!

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