Otherworld Reimagines Childhood Favorites With Pancake & Waffle Mix

As the world collectively transitions towards sustainable and healthy food consumption, the future of food is among us and its getting more delicious by the bite. A fresh face to the growing plant-based industry is otherworld, the rapidly-rising pancake and waffle mix brand that as mentioned, uses no animal products. Ultimately, they’ve recreated those light and fluffy flat cakes that children and parents alike love without using any dairy such as milk, butter, or eggs. Upon launch, they introduced four flavors which include: Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, and Original.

otherworld was ultimately founded by two pancake and waffle lovers, Jen and Joe, who wanted to reimagine their childhood memories of early-morning breakfast in a more healthy and climate-conscious way that keeps up with current times. “We experimented for months and tested thousands of recipes to create a mix inspired by the nostalgia of a weekend breakfast with the family, but reinvented to include superfoods and upcycled ingredients for the modern consumer,” they share. Seemingly, otherworld lives up to that, made with a fusion of several superfoods, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains amongst other ingredients.

We had the chance to try each of the flavors for ourselves and see if they live up to the hype. Check out our review below!


Apple Cinnamon

Arguably an underrated rendition of the pancake, otherworld’s Apple Cinnamon mix is made with dates, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and of course, apple powder and cinnamon. The mix combined will other delicious spices results in a fluffy, light, and irresistible pancake that is reminiscent of the fall season. otherworld’s “just add water” instructions make these easy to make in just a nick of time, and mouth-watering with the right toppings.

otherworld introduces a handful of recipes like the Vanilla Chai Waffles with Cinnamon Yogurt and Gingersnap Waffles which make for fun flavor explorations. The Apple Cinnamon pancake and waffle mix proved to be my favorite of the bunch, pairing extremely well with dice apples basked in butter and brown sugar in a saucepan. Purchase the Apple Cinnamon pancake and waffle mix here.

Banana Chocolate Chip

Made with chocolate chips, date powder, banana powder, and cocoa butter, otherworld’s Banana Chocolate Chip pancake and waffle mix is pleasantly sweet but not overbearing. Unlike the other flavors, this one makes use of cauliflower, which is high in vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, fiber, antioxidants to promote immunity.

Recipe recommendations here include the Banana Cream Pie Waffles—layering vanilla custard and bananas between each waffle—or the Almond Coconut Pancakes, which sees creamy almond butter and toasty coconut come together for an amazing texture. If you’re anything like me, topping these with freshly diced bananas and mini chocolate chips will suffice. Purchase the Banana chocolate Chip pancake and waffle mix here.


Good old-fashioned pancakes are the perfect treat for a Saturday morning or brunch. However, otherworld’s Original flavor recreates the all-star of the breakfast table, adding dates and zucchini into the mix. The former creates a subtle sweetness that doesn’t overpower the pancake while the latter is slightly bitter, but provides a rich texture filled with antioxidants and vitamin A.

With the Original pancake and waffle mix being a balance of superfoods and whole grains with no added sugar, there’s plenty of room to mix and match while playing around with different flavor profiles and topics. Recipes such as the carrot cake pancakes—fresh carrots and warm spices topped with cream cheese glaze—or chik’n and waffles topped with a hot honey drizzle, the possibilities are abundant. Overall, if you want to a safe place to start, then this is the flavor for you—purchase the Original pancake and waffle mix here.


Thick and full of melty chocolate in each bite, chocolate-flavored pancakes (or waffles) simply give you a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. What better way to start your day off than with dessert for breakfast, otherworld perfectly captures that in their Chocolate mix which contains beetroot, reishi, and cocoa. The beetroot provides an earthy yet rich flavor while reishi, a kidney-shaped mushroom, stimulates the immune system and serves as a means of reducing anxiety and depression. The cocoa speaks for itself here, creating an airy chocolate cake in pancake form.

The Chocolate mix pairs really well with otherworld’s Mocha Chip Pancake recipe, which calls for brewed coffee, chocolate chips, your favorite whipped topping, and a dash of powdered sugar. Without a doubt, chocolate pancakes are a bit on the deep-end as they’re typically filled with tons of sugars, but otherworld does an amazing job at supplementing added sugars with date powder, making these just the perfect amount of calories. Purchase the Chocolate pancake and waffle mix here.

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