Odeal Unveils Surprise New Maxi-Single “Karma”

South London-based artist Odeal gifts his fans with a surprise rhythmic single titled “Karma.” With irresistibly magnetic rhythms and flirtatious synths, the self-produced track is a display of his unique style and ability to cross cultures fusing Afrobeat sounds with rich and silky R&B vocals.

“’Karma’ details a man’s spiritual experience stimulated by the intimate interactions between him and his significant other. The song’s candid lyrics are expressions of his pleasure at making a deeper connection with his partner,” Odeal shares. Speaking on the latter song in the maxi-single, he adds, “You or Me is a man’s passionate attempt to persuade his significant other not to give up on their love, at a time where they are at odds in their relationship. Intoxicated, the man adorns his lover in a drunken, yet honest phone call, reassuring her of his commitment to their unity.”

Last year, the musician rose to popularity with OVMBR: Roses and this time around, his approach continues to draw fans in as he draws on his Nigerian culture and alte influences to create this infectious, melodic tune. Stream below.

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