Nonso Amadi

Nonso Amadi Releases R&B-Tinged Song “Foreigner”

Afro-R&B singer-songwriter Nonso Amadi shares the visual effort for his new track “Foreigner.” Released last week, the song marks Nonso’s triumphant return after a two-year hiatus.

The Jordan Lee-directed video gives fans a glimpse into Nonso’s new world that is bold and sophisticated, putting Nonso in the spotlight. Production-wise, the instrumental is a smooth and seductive record that contains African drumlines, trance-like saxophone instrumentation, and is layered with other soulful jazz elements.

In the video, Nonso explains, “I wanted the video to represent my reentry to the scene, we decided to start with some silhouette shots in the video before a reveal. We also needed some amazing African dancers to match the energy and life of the song.”

“The core of the video lies within Nonso’s deep connection to his African culture and we wanted to represent it in a way that was true to him,” director Jordan Lee adds. “Through our choreography, wardrobe, color, and tones, we tried to capture the essence of his roots while putting our own modern spin on it.”

Watch Nonso Amadi’s music video for “Foreigner” below.

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