Nim the Label Classic BB Bag RAYDAR

Meet Nim the Label: Pioneering Sustainability Through Simplicity

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Nim the Label Classic BB Bag RAYDAR

If there’s one label that embodies the essence of “less is more,” it’s Nim, the concept label founded by Elyse Middleton. Drawing on her background in graphic design and her adoration for minimalist fashion, Middleton has sculpted a collection that speaks volumes through simplicity.

Nim The Label’s designs are more than just clothing items; they are an embodiment of a philosophy—a philosophy that insists on the purchase of pieces that one truly loves, items that provide comfort, confidence, and above all, versatility. In a world obsessed with fast fashion, Nim is a refreshing oasis, prioritizing flexibility and adaptability in its pieces.

The heart of Nim’s ethos lies in the pursuit of sustainable and conscious consumption. The label is committed to evolving, learning, and ensuring its impact on the world is positive and minimal. This commitment is clearly seen in its flagship product: the Bucket Bag. Made from 100% EVA foam, an environmentally friendly and toxic-free material, these bags are as conscious as they are chic. Durable, long-lasting, easy-to-clean, and waterproof, they are a testament to Nim’s dedication to creating products that are as gentle on the environment as they are on the user.

Apart from its sustainable production methods, the brand also ships its products plastic-free, with minimal packaging that uses only recycled, compostable, and biodegradable materials. The brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint is evident in its every step, creating not just universal and versatile pieces, but also paving the way towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Below, we chat with Elyse Middleton, delving into her journey toward creating Nim, the inspiration behind her designs, and her label’s commitment to sustainable fashion. Continue scrolling to read the full conversation.

How did you come up with the concept of the BB bag? What was the creation process like?

I’ve never really been much of a bag person and just wanted one bag that would do it all. Something super versatile, roomy, waterproof, unfussy. And in terms of aesthetics, it had to have a minimalist look without being ‘boring’. I did a few sketches and digital mockups and once I saw what was in my head down on paper I wanted one! Going from paper to an actual physical sample was a long process, but incredibly satisfying. It’s very cool to see an idea come to life like that. 

Also, it isn’t just a bag—it’s somewhat of an experience. Can you describe the decision to take a minimalist approach and why it’s important to you?

I’ve always been a lover of the minimalist aesthetic and the concept of ‘less is more’. To have less, you need to invest in pieces that are better quality, more versatile, durable, and something you’re going to reach for daily. So it was important to me that the BB ticked all these boxes. 

That being said, Nim has a very neutral palette of colors like black, brown, creme, and taupe among others as a part of the core collection. In the future, do you think that you’ll ever lean into more rich, vibrant colors?

We’ve got some really exciting collaborations in the works so, color lovers—keep an eye out for what’s to come over the next few months! 

I read that you previously spent time as a graphic designer. What has been your biggest learning experience since leaving your career behind to launch Nim?

I actually gave up graphic design to become a mum nearly eight years ago so launching Nim has really been a process of finding myself and my creativity again which has been really exciting. 

What are the core pillars that make up your brand?

Nim is a lot of things, but I think at its core I would say versatile, minimal, and unique.

Jacquemus has the Le Sac Chiquito, Dior has the Saddle Bag, and Fendi helped popularize the Baguette silhouette. In your opinion, what makes a bag so special that it transcends generations?

I think it’s all about designing outside of the constraints of trends. Coming up with concepts that are completely unique and haven’t been done before. Designing for yourself rather than the masses. That’s where the magic happens. 

If you could give advice to young creatives who are looking to follow a similar path to creating less-is-more fashion, what would you say to them?

Stay true to your why and surround yourself with people who support you and your vision. If you really love something, believe in it enough, and are willing to work your butt off, you’ll make it happen!