Nikita Bassi

Nikita Bassi Shares Her New Single “Find Out”

Rising R&B songstress Nikita Bassi has released her latest single “Find Out” ahead of her forthcoming EP Chapters, out early next year. The Cores-produced song illustrates two souls navigating a rapturous yet hopeless relationship while simultaneously putting Bassi’s soulful vocals on display.

“The song is about wanting to leave some kind of relationship but not knowing how; everyone’s version of that feeling is so different,” Nikata shares speaking on the song. She adds, “Mine was a situation where both people were ultimately better souls without being wrapped up in each other, but were in too deep to let go so it just trailed on.”

The British-Indian songstress released her last project, Satin, in 2019. Hopefully, years later, Nikita Bassi’s newest body of work lives up to the hype and touches fans as did the previous. In the meantime, stream “Find Out” below.

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