Mya K Curated Playlist RAYDAR

Curated: Mya K Shares Her Favorite Songs of 2023

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Mya K Curated Playlist RAYDAR

Welcome back to another installment of “Curated,” our series spotlighting artists who are curating playlists that provide us with a unique glimpse into their personal soundscapes.

Mya K is a vibrant and thrilling talent, blending multiple genres to create a unique soundscape that can only be described as hers. Raised in South London with a formative stint in Nigeria, Mya’s diverse background and experiences are mirrored in her captivating music style — a potpourri of R&B, pop, Afrobeat, and more. After breaking into the Nigerian music scene as a precocious 10-year-old, Mya K has grown and evolved as an artist, with her single “Other Side” exemplifying her potent combination of mesmerizing vocals and evocative production.

Mya’s “Curated” playlist is a radiant and engaging journey that embodies the spirit of her music. As with her own work, the playlist is a rich tapestry of styles and emotions. It kicks off with her own track, “Other Side,” and includes a diverse array of artists such as RAYE, Bree Runway, and Beyoncé. Each song adds a different shade to the eclectic palette of sounds, from the sultry R&B of Andrea Valle’s “Lover Girl” to the infectious pop sensibilities of Chxrry22’s “Worlds Away.

Whether you’re a longtime follower of Mya K or just discovering her unique blend of genre-bending music, this playlist is a perfect entry point. Tune in below!

Mya K – “Other Side”

“Other Side” is my latest musical offering and probably my favorite to date. It was my second session ever with producer VELLI, and the aim was just to try something new and fun. When I wasn’t on the mic recording, I was dancing around the studio while he did the vocal chops, and it was super cool to make something upbeat as my music has been more mellow in the past.

RAYE – “Black Mascara”

Every time this song comes on, I get the most intense urge to break out into full choreography. This song really inspired me to explore new genres and experiment more with vocal production.

Bloody Civilian – “I Don’t Like You”

When I first heard the opening line, “I don’t f**king like you,” I was sold immediately. I love how fierce and unapologetic Bloody’s music is, and it’s even more special knowing she’s self-produced.

Beyoncé – “America Has A Problem”

I mean, it’s Beyoncé. Do I really need to say anything else?

Bree Runway – “Pressure”

I love songs that can’t easily fit into a genre, and this is one of those. It’s like a Pop hit with Afrobeat influences, and she effortlessly moves between singing and rapping. I always feel like an untouchable, bad b when Bree comes on.

Chxrry22 – “Worlds Away”

I recently discovered Chxrry22, and besides her beautiful voice, I love her lyrics. This song, in particular, hooked me in because I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song about a long-distance relationship, and it was cool to hear something more than just your general breakup song.

Mya K – “Deserve It”

I had to include this song because it recently reached 100k streams on Spotify, and it’s the first of my songs to ever do so! I produced this one and recorded myself in my bedroom with literally just the basics. My talented and good friend Cam mixed the vocals and elevated the production to make it the song it is today, so I definitely can’t take all the credit, but it’s amazing to think that I made this from my room and now it’s being listened to by hundreds of people every day.