“Track Star” Sensation Mooski Shares New Single “Soul Bleed”

Alabama musician Mooski shares his latest single and broken-hearted anthem “Soul Bleed.” The song arrives ahead of his forthcoming full-length project Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken, slated to drop on March 11th via Capitol Records.

“Soul Bleed” once again finds the “Zodiac Killer” singer opening his heart and mind for fans. Over somber yet thumping production, he spills every raw feeling about a scarring romantic relationship. Prior to that, he released “Track Star” which has become an online sensation, racking up 475+ million views on TikTok, 42+ million global streams and RIAA certified Platinum. A lot of artists fall short post-release of their hit records, but Mooski is extremely talented and versatile.

Few artists can turn personal experiences into universal hits, but we’ll see how he’s able to translate that through the entirety of an album later this year. Listen to “Soul Bleed” below.

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