Moon Press Photo RAYDAR

Moon Gives Us The Run Down of Her Debut Project ‘AURA’

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Moon Press Photo RAYDAR

Compton-based singer-songwriter Moon releases her debut project, aptly titled AURA, which is full of silky vocals and calming melodies. After crafting the six-song release that perfectly captures her style, it serves as a launch pad for a successful career.

To kick off the EP, “Pure” has Moon’s characteristically poetic vocals over a backdrop of tranquilizing textures provided by the sound of melodic strings. This sets the stage for “Coffee” featuring burgeoning singer Matte. Moon teases us with a sample of her genre-defying abilities before transitioning into the upbeat pop song “Signs.” Meanwhile, the last two tracks, “Cycles” and “Chances,” bring the project to a close. It’s a short but sweet EP that welcomes you to the singer’s world whilst leaving you yearning for more.

Below, Moon walks us through each song track-by-track, telling us the meaning behind each record and why they landed on the project. Read on to see what she had to say.


“Pure” is the song that unlocks the energy of the whole project. It’s an embodiment of the headspace I was in, even before recording any tracks. I was allowing myself to be open to loving and not being so guarded. Even though I wasn’t actively manifesting love in my life, I was just being free and open to experiencing whatever was for me. “Pure” has this softness and lightness to it, and that’s the type of love that I would want to not only experience, but give. I think we all want to experience someone in the most real, raw way. No expectations; just full openness, beauty, love, and peace. 


“Coffee” is experiencing that love in real time. It’s a very warm, sexy, sensual song that has its own energy and its own world. If I could describe the love I want to wake up to everyday, it would be “Coffee” for sure. There’s something so intimate and vulnerable about experiencing those moments with your partner in the morning. This song is a symbol of what I think everyone who wants to be in love would want to experience with someone. Matte really brought in some dope energy that took the track to another level, telling this story from the male perspective. I’d say this track feels like the first couple months in a relationship when everything is perfect. 


It’s important to note that the love that I was open to receiving and experiencing was not just exclusive to romantic spaces, but also the love that I wanted to give to myself. With more self love comes confidence, and listening back, I can tell this confidence showcased itself along the journey of this project.

“Signs” is a symbol of that in a lot of ways. The structure and feel of the production really shows the sexy, vibrant energy that I have gained in myself throughout the creation of my EP. It’s about having fun, being confident, dancing, and enjoying your life with the people you love…. Signs is like that moment when you’re finally happy with all the relationships in your life: friendships, romantic relationships, and the relationship with yourself. It’s just a feel-good record. 


That fierceness I gained in myself definitely ignited in my romantic relationships, too. “Control: is a very confident version of myself that’s in tune with my body, my femininity, and in tune with what brings me the most happiness in my relationships. The song just vibrates at a certain level that’s intoxicating. “Control” is an important aspect to the storyline because it highlights the complexities of wanting control over who you love. The truth is we don’t own one another, so no one is really yours, no matter how much you love them. No one is owed to you, which can be difficult to process, especially when you can’t get enough of that person.


“Cycles” is when you feel like you don’t have somebody in the way that you did anymore. It’s this back and forth exchange of energy in a roller coaster form. There’s a lot of ups and downs, but the love is still there, regardless. It’s one of those songs that’s like – just tell me what it is so I know how to move. Since the love was so strong, it can be infuriating when there’s confusion now. It’s a song that a lot of people can relate to because everyone goes through cycles with the one they love, but aren’t necessarily supposed to be with. Or maybe you’re just not supposed to be with for this moment or this season. 

“Chances (Freestyle)” 

This song expresses what it’s like to have to let go of a love that you never wanted to walk away from. It’s about fully understanding the aura that you possess is powerful and it’s going to magnetically attach to the person that’s for you. Which of course, in turn, means when it’s not for you, you have to let it go, and that can be tough. But that doesn’t insinuate that tension has to arise after the love failed. It’s okay to love people from a distance and love them as they are.

It takes emotional maturity and grace to really grasp that you can’t keep going back to things that aren’t for you, because that only torments your peace. But you are for you. The energy you have is powerful. The person that’s for you will gravitate towards you, naturally.