Monét Main Press Photo

Published: October 23, 2023

Last Updated: November 16, 2023

Monét On “Wanna Know,” Dream Collaborations, and More

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Monét Main Press Photo

South London singer-songwriter Monét breaks her silence with “Wanna Know,” a chill R&B track that dissects love and relationships through her unique spoken-word style.

A Peckham native, the songstress began writing poetry at the age of 8 and later pursued journalism at university. With a degree in hand, she eventually shifted the focus to music, tapping into her hometown’s fertile creative ground to hone her craft. In 2020 Monét shared her debut project, Off the Record, which contained six honey-hued songs.

The following years saw the release of 2020’s “Apple Bottom Jeans” as well as 2021’s “Just One Of Those Days” and “hunnitdegrees,” among others. Afterward, she took a brief break before returning in April with “Bout It.” Monét explains, “I’d say after my two-year hiatus, I’ve definitely grown as an artist. I have a clearer vision of where I want to take my music and also a clear vision of who I am as a person.

The accompanying video for “Wanna Know” is directed by JJ Foster and shot in South London. Employing her synesthetic sensibilities, Monét uses the visual medium to create an emotional landscape through a prism of color, offering viewers not just a record but an immersive experience.

Regarding the track, she shared, “‘Wanna Know’ is an honest track about navigating through different stages of emotion. For me, it’s important to be as authentic as possible in my music so that people are able to connect with it.”

To learn more about the artist, Monét talked with us about her introduction to music, dream collaborations, her new single, and more. Check it out below.

Hey Monét! Before we dive into the now, could you talk us through how you first got into music? Are there any stand-out early musical memories?

As cliche as it sounds, I’ve been singing since I could walk and talk. It just came naturally, and it was something I’ve always loved to do. My earliest memory of music would probably be singing in my primary school talent show. I sang Valerie by Amy Winehouse. 

I read that you grew up in South London — what was your experience growing up there?

So I’ve lived in South London my whole life, and honestly, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in London. What I love most is the community. I also have so many fond memories of my friends and I spending our summers at Peckham Levels rooftop. That was like back in my secondary and college days, but I hold those memories really close to my heart. 

Onto “Wanna Know,” what makes this particular song so special to you?

“Wanna Know” is special to me because I feel like it was my most easygoing song. What I mean by that is everything flowed naturally from the beat, shoutout JSTRNGS, to the lyrics and the melody. I was able to record it in one session and ended up not changing a thing about it. 

You previously mentioned navigating through different emotions and so forth. Are there any certain feelings that fuel what you do both in and outside of songwriting?

One thing I’m always trying to do is lead with honesty and intention, whether it’s through my songwriting or through everyday life. For me, it just brings peace to know that I’m living my life for me. I’d rather be hated for being myself than loved for being something I’m not. 

“Bout It” was one of your first singles of 2023, and it came off the heels of a nearly two-year hiatus for you. How have you grown as an artist since that prolonged time away from music?

I’d say after my two-year hiatus, I’ve definitely grown as an artist. I have a clearer vision of where I want to take my music and also a clear vision of who I am as a person. During that time, I was also at uni, which took a lot out of me, hence why I hadn’t released [a song] for so long. Honestly, I’m just glad to be back doing what I love. 

Is fashion important to you? Do you generally care about what you’re wearing for a gig or when working in the studio?

 I’m not too sure what I would describe my fashion style to be because it definitely fluctuates depending on my mood. I love color, baggy silhouettes, dressing up in mini skirts or sparkly dresses. I’d say it’s very much 90s-coded with my own modern twist.

How about beauty? What are you using these days?

Beauty-wise, I’m obsessed with the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation and also Made By Mitchell’s Blursh in the shade “Where’s The SPF?” Skincare-wise, I would deffo say Paula’s Choice toner.

Speaking of, who do you consider your peers? Is there anyone you want to work with?

 I’m very fortunate to have met and grown up with a few people from the music scene. I’ve collaborated with the likes of OG Kemi, Zino Vinci, Jaydon Clover, DENZXNO, Nox, Dreadz, and also some producers such as Ayrtn and GYPTXN, plus a few more. I think going forward, I would love to work with Venna, Planet Giza, and Emil.