Anna Woods

Model Anna Woods Chats Modeling, Vixen Society, and Beauty Favorites

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Anna Woods

Model, social media sensation, and soon-to-be fashion icon Anna Woods is just in her twenties, but she is already making waves as an astonishing new talent and rising star. She’s a newcomer who has already made a name for herself online, amassing a large following on Instagram and TikTok thanks to the breathtaking and creative outfits she posts frequently.

Earlier this year, Anna launched her eagerly-awaited fashion label alongside best friend and designer Piper Lyons. Vixen Society, exploring the relationship between a woman’s body and the power she holds within herself, debuted its “PARADISO” collection with several chic pieces to add to your wardrobe. Summer-ready hues of orange and pink can be seen on pieces like the Sorbet Dress, which features cut-out designs along the waist and underboob. Meanwhile, the Hypnotiq top and skirt come together for a flattering look that can be worn day and night.

In addition to her effortlessly stylish personal style and constantly adventurous clothes, her sincerity is undoubtedly what has attracted thousands of fans to her social media platforms. Despite the fact that, like many people in their twenties, Woods is still trying to figure out life, she is cognizant of the enormous weight of duty that comes with her position as a public person with a massive fan base. She provides deep looks at her work life and the creative process behind content creation on her platform.

We spoke with Anna about her life as a designer and model, her favorite brands and most notable influencers in culture, and her exciting plans for the future and the next stages in her career.

To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m a Ukrainian model and fashion designer, based in Los Angeles! I’ve been doing modeling for about three eventful years, and just recently launched a clothing brand Vixen Society with my partner Piper Lyons! My entire childhood I was obsessed with the arts, my mother was an art teacher so she influenced me greatly in that realm! I would like to think I have a brave and outgoing personality, so oftentimes my photographs are provocative, and very sensual, just like my style.

You’re also a burgeoning style icon and your style can be labeled as a playful mixture between vintage and ultramodern. It seems like you’re honestly just having a fun time. How do you conceptualize your vision?

Sometimes I wake up and I’m in barbie mode, everything pink and perfect. Other times I wake up and I’m a grunge rockstar’s girlfriend. My style isn’t ever concrete, I enjoy exploring various aesthetics, fabrics, and textures. I’m not a thrifty person, I’m very picky when it comes to purchasing or creating a garment. Some of my outfits took me a few months to complete, as I was searching for specific tops and bottoms to finish the piece. I like to own only a few weird or limited pieces, that way the garment is memorable, plus overconsumption in my opinion isn’t needed if you have a cultivated style.

Thus far, you’ve grown into a beloved personality in modeling and social media. Do you have any tips in regards to growing your following?

I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I incorporate into my own social media strategies! I recommend doing lots of Reels for Instagram, since Instagram announced they’re transitioning more into videos like Tiktok! I would say for a business account to do one Reel a day, and for an influencer at least two a week!

Where do you find inspiration for your style, for both fashion and beauty? Is there a beauty regimen or beauty hack you swear by?

I definitely watch too much Tiktok in my free time, so oftentimes my style inspiration comes from other amazing fashion creators! I like to grab a few concepts that I like and mash them together to create a similar yet unique look of its own. Vintage fashion shows inspire my style a lot, especially vintage Versace and Mugler shows from the 80s/90s. I do have a beauty hack for my oily-skinned girls out there, use setting spray as a face primer prior to applying foundation and it is a game changer for sure!

As a fashion designer and model, how do you see the relationship between the two?

I’m very happy that I started my modeling career prior to becoming a fashion designer. By doing modeling I gained so much respect for models, since it is a lot of hard work that bystanders don’t realize. Doing modeling first, taught me so much as a designer, on how to coordinate shoots and make the models working for me feel the most comfortable, and satisfied at the shoots.

When constructing a collection it isn’t all about how the garment looks. What’s really important is how durable the piece is, and its comfortness. You have to know these things as a designer, and modeling teaches you a lot about the way a high-quality garment should feel on you when you wear it. 

With that being said, what are some of your go-to beauty and fashion products you’ve been loving recently?

I’ve been obsessed with two fashion brands one is I.AM.GIA, and the other is Naked Wolfe, both have staple pieces that every fashion baddie needs in her closet! At Least one pair of oversized platform heels is a must! When I have long days of shoots, I find it crucial to give myself a VIP beauty treatment, so I love a good face mask and eye patches, the Peter Thomas Roth gold patches are my lifesaver. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring content creators looking to establish themselves in the space?

I definitely advise aspiring content creators to find their niche and stick to it! Whether it is food, comedy, or fashion, post what you are talented in or can make clean content with. I find a lot of creators struggle with growing their platform when they’re mixing too many things at once. Another important tip is to learn how to edit videos, I recommend learning through Youtube. This change is happening quickly as more social platforms are transitioning into videos such as Instagram with Reels. So I personally feel that excelling in video creation will push your exposure on social platforms!

Beyond your brand launch, what else are you looking forward to this year?

I’m super excited about our winter collection, since I grew up in a cold climate I’ve always loved layering a bunch! But besides being in love with my job, I launched a Mukbang channel on OFTV where I eat various foods on camera! If you’re a big-time foodie you must check it out @snackinwithanastasia! So designing and stuffing my face with food are probably my main hypes for this year!