Mir Fontane

Mir Fontane Delivers New Project ‘Melody Monster’

Mir Fontane has the heart and talent poised to be Jersey’s next rising star. After putting in years of work perfecting his pen game and developing his aesthetic, he shares Melody Monster, his latest album. The 14-track LP arrives after years of battling through depression, loss of love and friends, and dying to be reborn into something greater.

Melody Monster demonstrates an uncanny knack for infectious 808’s and otherworldly melodies across the release’s fourteen tracks. Last month, Mir released the visuals to his Mike Zombie-produced “Call J. Cole” a fiery punchline banger that features nostalgic instrumental coupled with his weary cadence delivering vividly rendered snapshots.

Speaking on the project, he shared, “I feel like I expose more of my life and emotions more on this album than I ever have on any project. You can hear the maturity and growth from beginning to end.” Stream Mir Fontane’s project below.

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