Miaou Drops New Holiday Capsule

Miaou is back with their second holiday capsule, featuring a long list of new items and prints including corsets, skirts, bras, and much more.

With their latest capsule, the fashion label introduces a new print dubbed “Gold Toile,” offered in the latest Aphex Corset, Preston Skirt, and Mini Tee. The piece is a perfect pair for their Phoenix Top, Elektra Skirt, and Mystic Tank in Cinnamon. Elsewhere, we’re introduced to the “Decades Yellow printā ,” now in the Imogene Corset, Long Sleeve Tee, and many others.

Priced between $35 and $295 USD, the pieces are now available via Miaou’s online shop!

In other fashion news, Mowalola unveils its newest sizes and colors for its popular Bundle bag!

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