Mia Khalifa Shh Thong Sheyton

Mia Khalifa’s Sheytan Launches Shh! Thong

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Mia Khalifa Shh Thong Sheyton

Mia Khalifa added a fresh twist to her body jewelry label, Sheytan, with a brand-new summer product that flaunts the brand’s unmistakable style. Released earlier this week, the Shh! Thong aims at making waves both in and out of the pool.

A micro T-style thong, it displays Sheytan’s characteristic golden “SHH” logo. What sets it apart is the detail in the design, with gold-tone sliders on each side, allowing wearers to customize the fit to their unique silhouette. The elegant piece transcends the boundaries of standard beachwear.

Khalifa’s foray into fashion reflects her profound interest in self-expression through aesthetics. She recently conveyed her enthusiasm to HYPEBAE, saying, “I have like a rabid curiosity for fashion. I’m so interested in it. I think it’s one of the most artistically beautiful ways to express yourself.”

The brand’s journey began in July with its debut, swiftly gaining recognition. The micro thong itself is crafted with a soft microfiber that resembles second skin, making it an innovative piece in the line. It’s currently available to shop on Sheytan’s website or take a glimpse via Mia Khalifa’s Instagram.

While Sheytan’s products, including the recently unveiled thong, aren’t all controversial, Mia Khalifa’s public image invariably draws heated reactions. The brand’s launch saw an unexpected influx of over 600 comments on Instagram, largely negative.

The polarization around Khalifa’s image can be traced back to her brief adult entertainment career in the early 2010s. Although she left the industry in 2016, her name continues to spark division and controversy.

Such a phenomenon is not new. Cultural pariahs like Pamela Anderson in the ’90s and Kim Kardashian in the 2000s faced significant backlash for their openness about sexuality. Their careers diverged, with Anderson’s stalling and Kardashian’s taking off as she leveraged her image into a lucrative business.

Khalifa seems to follow this blueprint, transforming controversy into opportunity. Sheytan label, conceptualized in 2022, reflects the celebrity’s growing presence in the public eye, attending high-profile fashion events and collaborating with significant industry names.

Her partnership with designer Sara Burn, who brings experience from renowned brands like YEEZY and Agent Provocateur, also solidified Sheytan’s place in the market. While critics may argue over Khalifa’s path, it’s clear that she has not only overcome the past but also turned it into an asset. S