Mia Gladstone Press Photo

Published: August 17, 2022

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Mia Gladstone Unveils Her New Single and Music Video “Talking Online”

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Mia Gladstone Press Photo

Singer-songwriter and producer Mia Gladstone unveils her latest single and its accompanying music video “Talking Online” today. Featuring Belis, the record finds the burgeoning pop star bringing her world-renowned expertise on positive affirmations right to your screen.

Mia regains her strength as she explores the dark side of social media, including her experiences with censorship, over-sexualization, and unwanted communications from strangers, all set to a driving, self-produced rhythm. It has a contemporary, but nostalgic, sound that’s reminiscent of the morning playlists on MTV as many digital dwellers may recall. Although her alter ego jokes about the commercialization of mental health remedies, the musician also stresses the value of self-appreciation and optimistic thinking throughout the track.

“Talking Online” serves as a proper follow-up to the May release of “Empathy” with Matt Martians, which has since propelled into popularity in the months following its debut. Prior to that, she struck gold with a slew of features over the past year that helped solidify her as a multifaceted musician and producer.

Listen to Mia Gladstone’s “Talking Online” below.

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