MEI Wants Black Women To Be Seen On New Single “See Us”

For London-based vocalist, songwriter, producer, and bassist MEI, the last 12 months have been a test of her character. Surviving COVID 19, overcoming heartbreak, and battling racial injustice, 2020 was a year that threw everything it could and more at someone who quickly lost her rhythm for life.

Returning this year with a brand new five-track EP, MEI stands stronger than ever. Sharing the first single “See Us,” an anthem for black women everywhere to demand to be seen for exactly who they are, MEI demonstrates her radiance by channeling those previous setbacks into something refreshingly positive.

“’See Us’ is for the Black women demanding to be seen for who they truly are and to encourage all Black people that change is still possible,” she shares. “I wrote ‘See Us’ during the George Floyd protests last year. I felt so weary and heartbroken from all the social media posts, black squares, and graphic videos circulating the internet. I had to delete my apps and take a break, so writing this song was my protest and my therapy. I hope it heals and re-energizes. Sadly our fight continues but we can’t give up.”

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