Meet OTZI, The Clean Korean-Inspired Skincare Label

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Launched in 2020, Sephora unveiled OTZI—which translates to the Korean word ?? or “us,” its clean K-beauty skincare line in collaboration with MBX. The brand comes as a successor to many triumphant launches from the latter, such as I Dew Care, Pony Effect, and Kaja among others. Since then, the label has created an inclusive community that attracts the likes of Gen-Z with the aim of undefining perfect skin.

OTZI’s Crystal Nova Cleanser is an opalescent, lightweight gel cleanser that can be used to remove makeup and any build-up on the skin. The formula uses a crystal flower blend comprised of chrysanthemum, Korean hibiscus, snow lotus, and cornflower that softens skin, as well as hyaluronic acid and mineral moisture complex for additional moisture retention. Meanwhile, the Hydro Crystal Moisturizer contains much of the same ingredients as the brand’s cleanser, serving as a blend to visibly plump and soften the skin except you don’t wash it off. These two can be used in combination—as highlighted in the label’s Crystal Clean Duo—or individually to suit your skincare needs.

The Multi-Acid Drip Resurfacing Serum boasts a Korean tea blend, AHAs, willow bark extract, and Centella Asiatica as its main ingredients. The mix allows for the serum to gently resurface skin for a fresh-faced glow in addition to calming the skin. Unlike several other serums, the Multi-Acid Drip has a water-like texture that doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky afterward. OTZI’s other serum, the C-Drip Brightening Serum, is formulated with Vitamin C, ginseng berry, and a blend of mulberry and date seed extracts. Though it can be used during both the AM and PM, we recommend using it during the morning to reap the best of its benefits.

Elsewhere, OTZI’s Dough Therapy Pore Treatment Mask rounds out the brand’s product lineup, drawing its inspiration from rice dough. The five-minute wash-off mask targets pores and draws out impurities as can be seen from the formula’s kaolin clay whilst adlay and oat aid in moisturizing and soothing the skin. Though the label’s product lineup has remained the same since its launch in 2020, it did tease Jelly Drip Plumping Serum for April Fools via Instagram. Who knows when, if at all, there will extension to its initial lineup, but in the meantime, shop OTZI via the brand’s website.

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