Daminic Vasques

Meet Daminic Vasques, A&R For Lil Tecca

Daminic Vasques is an 18-year-old creative from the Bronx, New York. He’s a passionate entrepreneur and music industry marketing who has been putting in work since a young age. He infers that the people working behind the scenes were much more interesting to him than the artist themselves. That’s when he discovered his love for marketing and made it his business and career path for the coming years.

When the young entrepreneur is not hard at work trying to make a name for himself in this fast-paced world and complex music industry, his day usually consists of hanging out with friends and networking at social events. Daminic Vasques also states that he takes time for himself to learn the complexities of music marketing and the industry as a whole.

The most important thing he is learned so far is that “social media is an amazing tool to use to further promote your business, brand or in my case, my artist’s music.” He sheds light on the importance of social media and how free to use user-based platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are easy ways to promote a brand by yourself if you don’t have the necessary tools or budget to seek professional help.

Daminic Vasques has been establishing his online presence for months on end and the results are phenomenal. When asked about how to create a fan base, gather supporters, and increase retention, he stressed the fact that “engaging with your supporters and fans give them a clear incentive to want to support you and follow your journey.” Daminic says that networking is a key component to his success as a figure and that he would not be where he is currently if it weren’t for the relationships he’s made throughout his lifetime.

Of these many important relationships, Daminic Vasques has established a strong relationship with a New York rap artist by the name of Lil Tecca. They have been in a very tight, loyalty-based relationship since the very start of his career. “It humbles me to see him grow into what he has become,” Vasques states.

Daminic was in fact featured in the four of Tecca’s music videos that he had released at the beginning of his career. That list consists of records like “Count Me Out,” “Did It Again,” “Get It Back,” and “Callin.” In addition, he is a part of a collective with Lil Tecca and two other artists Lil Benny and MBM Vell. Daminic Vasques concludes, “as an A&R, I’m always trying to help assist my brothers with their music in a number of different ways. “

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