MAYCE Main Press Photo

Published: October 25, 2023

Reimagining MAYCE: The Artist’s Journey of Rebirth and Renewal

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MAYCE Main Press Photo

After taking a brief hiatus, singer-songwriter MAYCE emerges anew after severing ties with her past engagements with the music industry. Today (Oct. 25), the songstress unveils her inaugural single “The Man That I Met” since becoming an independent artist. Intertwined with alternative and Western musical nuances, the record reflects her journey from a tumultuous life in Los Angeles to a more tranquil existence in Utah.

“I wrote ‘The Man That I Met’ based on a relationship that ended in so much pain, but I didn’t let that feeling blind me from remembering all of the good things about that person. When something ends in hurt, it usually leaves a bad taste in our mouths, causing us to forget that those moments highlighted the worst versions of ourselves,” MAYCE explains. “This song brings maturity to light, especially once a relationship comes to a close. To recall someone for their light in this world instead of the dark shows growth, and I’ve never been more proud to release a song.”

The essence of “The Man That I Met” digs deep into a melancholic yet emancipating exploration of past relationships. It’s a melodious reminiscence that encapsulates the struggle and acceptance associated with moving on from a painful past. Throughout the cut, MAYCE revisits the memories of a cherished relationship but also emphasizes the importance of valuing goodness amid the bitterness of parting ways.

MAYCE’s venture into a new genre is an exemplification of artistic growth and exploration. Ahead, we talked to the songstress about her rebirth, new music, and her fall wardrobe, among other topics.

Last time we caught up, you were gearing up to release a follow-up to your debut project — what’s happened since then? What inspired this new chapter in your career?

I had a rebrand. I rebranded everything to MAYCE. I feel amazing, very free, new, and creative. My inspiration was growth and maturity. I really feel like in the past year and a half, I’ve matured as both an artist and a person. I was hitting a plateau with my last chapter, and having ten years in the game, I felt like I needed a shift. I have never felt better.

Since going independent from both your record label and management, how empowering is it to have full creative control over your musical and creative direction?

It feels amazing, and I feel awesome about it. I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous about being super independent and having no management. It sort of felt like I was naked and had no protection, but I soon realized that those thoughts were just all just me overthinking. I absolutely can do this independently, and I do have a great team of people around me, really fighting for me.

Even though it’s a small team, they are so loyal and amazing to work with. It just goes to show if you ever doubt yourself, just know that it may just be overthinking and to keep pushing the way you always know how. I think our mind sometimes can control what we think we’re capable of. My heart has always been in this industry, and I know I can do it.

Do you feel like, to some capacity, there are still many unhealthy habits and tendencies that you have to unlearn from the experience?

Absolutely. I definitely notice myself not being able to let go of certain things and trusting people with certain jobs that I usually do myself. I am a very creative person and involved in all areas. With marketing, social media, music videos, creative shoots, the type of mixing, and producing. I have a lot of experience in the business side of things.

Being independent now and not having that management help, it feels like there is a lot on my plate. I am trying to learn the habit of letting things go, taking a backseat, and trusting other people with the job that I need them to do. 

Let’s talk about your newest release, “The Man That I Met.” What’s the inspiration behind it?

This song is definitely my favorite to date because it comes from a very personal place. This is so fresh and such a new sound for me. It makes me feel like myself and very comfortable in this phase of my life. The inspiration behind it was a previous relationship I was in, it was such a simple life in Utah that I was living. It was a very chill, normal life that I wasn’t used to living in Los Angeles. It was nice to have a break to be in nature and be able to be present.

It was a sad song with a really happy side to it because I was able to get to know myself better during that time. The song itself is about a relationship I was in and how I will still always remember the amazing things about that person despite all the bad things that happened. I will never let the toxic things about a person, blind me from the good things. That represents so much growth to me and maturity that I saw in myself. 

At least for you, was there anything that made this the perfect record to start off with?

There was a scenario that I kept thinking about with this individual, the simple life that I was living. My love for the simplicity of life, but also the fast-paced life. I was going back and forth, and still do, but that definitely is how this song started off. I missed certain things about Utah and the person that I was with. I didn’t think about the bad things. I was still choosing to think about the good. That is what sparked this record, I thought it would be a good song idea, and I started writing then and there. 

What would you like to experiment more with in the future?

I would love to experiment more with the Western genre and the country genre. It’s something that I have been curious about for the longest time. This record has some Western influences in it here and there, especially in the music video. I really just want to dive into that vibe more. I am thinking about doing a potential country version of this song.

Also, I know that fashion is such a big part of your life. What are you wearing these days?

You honestly will never know what I am going to put on next. I always love surprising people and dressing differently. I never really have a plan, and I always love changing it up, taking risks. I’m wearing anything I want, honestly.

What are some wardrobe essentials that you think every woman should have in her closet this season?

A wardrobe essential that I think everyone should have in their closet is a really great couple of bodysuits. I live by having just a plain back turtleneck bodysuit, I am currently obsessed with SKIMS. Kim is killing it on the quality. I have so much of her stuff. Her body suits feel like they’re made for you and fit your body like a glove.

This is such an essential for me in my closet to throw on underneath a blazer set or a jean jacket. It is always so sleek looking, and I’m obsessed. Another thing is a good blazer. It’s always a good staple to throw over the shoulders when cold or to have a sense of fashion.