Marcellus Juvann

Marcellus Juvann Shares Poetic New EP ‘HARDHEADED’

Houston-bred Marcellus Juvann is opening up on his new poetic self-written and self-produced EP HARDHEADED, released today via 4th & Broadway & Island Records. Following the previous releases of “Hardheaded” and “Down” – two vastly different songs and visuals that serve as two sides to a grander story within the EP, Marcellus is opting for an intimate listening experience that tackles the everyday hardships of being who he is – a Black man, a father, and overall an artist.

On his major-label debut, Marcellus says “this EP is about finding pride in being hardheaded as a complicated human being. I’m not here to encourage anybody or make optimistic music. The music I make is introspective. I’m here to make music that people chasing their own dreams can relate to and find solace in.”

Influenced by the likes of Kid Cudi, the late great DMX and more, Marcellus Juvann shows no shortage of promise and talent as he works to master vulnerability in his own art – a telltale sign in every formidable artist to watch. Stream his new project below.

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