Marc E. Bassy

Marc E. Bassy Enlists Cory Henry For New Soulful Single “Free Like Me”

Marc E. Bassy, the multi-talented R&B singer, has joined forces with New York singer-songwriter and music producer Cory Henry for the release of his new single “Free Like Me,” out now.

Speaking on the record, Marc explains: “This is the music I make when the world is on the brink. It has to have an integrity to it musically and lyrically. I can’t just say what everyone else is saying. I have to try harder than that.”

Combining soulful piano chords with Marc E. Bassy’s emotion-tinged vocals, “Free Like Me” is a deeply personal track with a positive message at its heart focused on live instruments and vocal performance. The track features Cory Henry, who makes an undeniably great addition to this record, lending his talents on organ. “Free Like Me” itself explores artistic recreation, late-night gambles with new collaborators, and a strict pursuit of honesty. This single precedes Bassy’s eagerly-awaited 2021 album release, the second major project undertaken by his independent label, New Gold Medal.

Marc E. Bassy continued: “During corona I found new musicians that blew me away like Cory Henry and he wound up being my neighbor which was an incredible surprise. I get a lot of pride out of collaborating with musicians of Corey’s calibre.” Check out the single below.

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