Malka Press Photo

Published: October 20, 2023

Last Updated: October 19, 2023

Malka Shares Her Fiery Debut Single “Pa Ti Pa Ti”

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Malka Press Photo

Today (Oct. 20) marks a pivotal moment for London-based singer-songwriter Malka as she releases her debut single “PA TI PA TI.”

Fusing elements of Reggaeton and Latin-infused dance-pop, the artist showcases a distinctive sound, cultivated through key collaborations. Working with the UK’s premier Latin producer DUKUS and Amsterdam-based Pascal Nanlohy, Malka delivers a track that effortlessly blends English and Spanish lyrics.

Regarding the song, the songstress reveals, “I wanted my first release to be sexy, playful, and fun with good energy as I feel that’s what most of my music is about. I don’t want my music to be complicated or hard to get. I just want people to push, play, dance, and feel good. Sure, the topic is about guys always pulling different moves on girls, but it happens, sometimes the other way around, but it’s all fun and games!”

Listen to “PA TI PA TI” below.

Born to a diverse family with British, Moroccan, Ukrainian, and Uzbek roots, Malka was raised in Spain. Her upbringing exposed her to a broad spectrum of musical genres—from Reggaeton and Flamenco to Arabic and Hebrew tunes—evident in her multifaceted sound.

Already a rising star, the singer recently performed at numerous festivals and opened for established artists such as CECIL. She also boasts an 80,000-strong following across TikTok and Instagram, emphasizing her growing influence in the music industry.