Taisha Sherwood Press Photo

Published: October 16, 2023

Last Updated: October 15, 2023

Taisha Sherwood Talks Makeup, BBC’s “Glow Up,” and More

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Taisha Sherwood Press Photo

At the age of 16, Taisha Sherwood‘s interest in makeup turned into a lasting passion when her brother gifted her a beginner’s makeup kit. Far from a fleeting teenage hobby, that moment led to the start of a focused endeavor to make her mark in the beauty industry. By the time she turned 18, Sherwood had moved up the ranks to manage a MAC Cosmetics store, which ultimately enabled her to immerse herself in all things beauty and retail.

Sherwood’s talents didn’t go unnoticed. Her hard work and dedication propelled her into the public eye as a contestant on the BBC beauty-focused reality show “Glow Up,” where makeup artists go head-to-head in various challenges. Even though she didn’t claim the top prize, the exposure catapulted her career to new heights. Beyond that, Sherwood previously worked on several high-profile ventures, including assisting British Vogue and working with the who’s who of the fashion and beauty.

Sherwood attributes her success to her wide-ranging skill set, which she has cultivated over the years. From mastering everyday looks at MAC to embracing more cutting-edge styles on television, her portfolio continues to expand. With a number of new projects and collaborations on the horizon, Sherwood’s career is clearly on the rise.

“I’ve always been an artist that likes to remain behind the scenes. Putting myself out there was always farfetched for me, but the opportunity came, and I refused to live with the feeling of ‘what if,'” Sherwood shared. “I’ve always known of the show but never expected to see myself on it! Especially being from a beauty background.”

Below, you’ll find our full conversation with Taisha Sherwood. We cover everything from her early experiences in the industry to valuable tips for newcomers, as well as her outlook on the beauty industry.

Where did your journey in makeup begin, and what influenced the way you define and view “beauty”?

My first core memory with makeup was forcing my mum to put black pencil liner in my waterline and trying not to cry! However, I’d say my journey really started on my 16th birthday when my eldest brother bought me my first-ever makeup kit!

From then, I made an IG and was taking bookings for girls my age. I even skipped my school prom to take bookings from my school peers! Growing up, I was always artistic, taking fine art for GCSE. However, I wasn’t academically motivated, so for me, makeup was the closest thing to art without the education factor.

After you decided to pursue makeup, what was your first big break?

My first big break in makeup had to be landing a managerial role at MAC, only age 18! I only applied to be an MUA and was the youngest in the store, and it was a lot of pressure to begin, but it taught me a lot of business skills, and I learned so much from my team! 

How would you describe your creative process and aesthetic?

I’m still exploring my personal style and figuring out my aesthetic, and I’m okay with that. I’ve always been a glam girl. However, since “Glow Up,” I’ve enjoyed doing more experimental looks. In the future, I look to merge the two together!

Many of us were introduced to you through BBC’s “Glow Up.” Can you tell us more about your experience and what you walked away with?

I’ve always been an artist that likes to remain behind the scenes. Putting myself out there was always farfetched for me, but the opportunity came, and I refused to live with the feeling of “what if.” I’ve always known of the show but never expected to see myself on it! Especially being from a beauty background… those creative briefs were so far from anything I’ve done day to day! But I made friends for life and took away skills/knowledge I’ll cherish forever.

Pivoting into the products you use, what does your own beauty routine look like?

I’m so so lazy with my makeup routine. I have an online signature look: a flawless base, winged liner, and a big glossy lip with lots of faux beauty marks! However, I can’t do my makeup without flawless filter by Charlotte Tilbury, a good wet setting spray like MAC Fix Plus, and my Huda Beauty powder for an airbrushed undereye!

If we were to take a look, what would we find in your makeup bag?

Five thousand lip liners and glosses in the same shade, a Kevyn Aucoin old formula concealer that I just can’t let go of, but I should. Lastly, a powder puff is always needed.

How about trends — is there anything in particular that has been catching your eye lately?

I feel like with social media booming, everything is on trend these days. I tend not to take trends too seriously just to help my own personal style, but I love that you can see any and every type of makeup look everywhere, whereas before everyone would have the same style makeup.

What are your predictions for 2024 when it comes to makeup?

I feel like the clean girl, fresh makeup aesthetic is over for 2024, and we’ll be leaning into more expressive makeup. I think the fresh skin will stay, but the girlies will have their signature to make them stand out, like a bold lip or bleached brows. I think we’re going to be embracing our messy girl a lot more, too. Makeup is fun and doesn’t have to be so perfect all the time. It’s art and still a form of expression, and I think we’ll see that a lot more.