LUPA J Shares Introspective Pop Ballad “This Suburb”

LUPA J has spent 2020 seeding tracks from their upcoming album To Breathe Underwater. Set for a November 13 release, the album is a candid, self-reflective body of work birthed during Australia’s COVID lockdown. The writing process saw LUPA J grapple with their own shortcomings in relationships; the struggle between independence and the need for closeness in such uncertain times.

Their latest release This Suburb comes with a paint-filled, emotionally charged video that sees LUPA J explore a mode of visual storytelling unlike any of their past clips.

“‘This Suburb’ is one of the most raw and vulnerable songs I’ve ever made. It sits a little outside my ‘usual’ pop-dance style but I think it might be my personal favorite on the album,” LUPA stated. “I don’t always feel up to being so lyrically honest and emotional, sometimes I just want to make techno tracks with little to no vocals—but when I feel capable & ready of writing a song like this it’s a really incomparable, cathartic experience. This one still makes me teary to listen to sometimes—it’s about the intensity of an attachment that’s to not only a person but a place and a life you’ve become so wrapped up in together.” Stream the video below.

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