lozeak Unveils Her New Song “No Saving You”

Today, London-based artist lozeak unveils her new single “No Saving You.” Produced by Dua Lipa collaborator Tommy Baxter, the record is dedicated to that friend that comes to you for advice, but ultimately never takes it.

“No Saving You” was co-written by Baxter and Cleo Tighe (Kehlani, Charli XCX), serving as lozeak’s second official offering from this year. Prior to that, she released her well-received sophomore effort “Hate Me Too” back in January. The Norwich native released their debut single “Word Vomit” towards the tail-end of 2021, and since then, has amassed an increasingly loyal fan base.

“For me, this song was a release of all my inner thoughts about being used as a friend and also coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay to walk away from friendships that feel unhealthy,” the singer shares. “I’m sure everyone has those friends where they feel used for advice or for a literal ‘free therapist,’ and not much more. I made this song with two of my favorite people, Cleo and Tommy. I also can’t believe my first three releases are about friendships… maybe I am the problem.”

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