LoveSuze Bralette RAYDAR

LoveSuze’s Innovative Approach to Lingerie with Founder Suzanne

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LoveSuze Bralette RAYDAR

Stepping out from the rigid confines of corporate America’s lingerie scene, LoveSuze‘s founder, Suzanne, is on a mission to transform the way we perceive undergarments. Her journey, driven by the repeated complaints of discomfort and inconsistent sizing that echoed in countless fitting rooms, led her to a groundbreaking realization: What if lingerie adjusted to the natural fluctuations of our bodies?

The concept breaks from the industry’s fixation on traditional sizing, championing an inclusive approach that puts comfort, style, and sensuality at the forefront. It’s not just designer lingerie; it’s an invitation to redefine personal comfort and confidence. Each LoveSuze creation is a testament to this philosophy, crafted with Flex-Sizing fabrics that stretch and adapt to your unique and ever-changing shape. Bidding adieu to the standard size chart, the label also introduces dual sizes, putting an end to the frustrating guessing game of finding the perfect fit.

LoveSuze’s Ever-Stretch collection features a wide range of comfortable and chic undergarments, each available in leopard lace with several luminous colors to choose from, including neon green, hot pink, coral, and purple among others. Among the brand’s most popular styles, the Racerback Bralette boasts a sexy scoop neckline and adjustable straps while the Triangle Bralette has a gold hook-back closure. Elsewhere, the underwear styles vary from thongs and bikinis to boyshorts and hipsters. For a little more coverage, the Lace Slip is another must-have to add to your top drawer.

Suzanne’s audacious vision is revolutionizing the lingerie industry, sparking a new dialogue around size and fit. Her relentless pursuit of innovation, inclusivity, and an understanding of the female form is reshaping the intimate apparel landscape. Recognizing that your version of small, medium, or large is individual—and subject to change—LoveSuze’s designs ensure that its lingerie ultimately evolves with the wearer, offering a flawless fit that adapts with every wear.

Up next, we have an in-depth conversation with founder Suzanne. Stay tuned to learn more about LoveSuze’s journey, the inspiration behind the Flex-Sizing, and how the brand is shaping the future of lingerie.

What inspired you to start LoveSuze?

There are so many factors that have contributed to my love of fashion and the lingerie industry. When I look back, my teen years really solidified my interest. I grew up in a loving family, but my parents were very strict. What we watched, who we saw, what we wore—everything was carefully monitored. I would wear the most basic versions of bras and panties—no lace, no fun colors, definitely no prints, and nothing remotely interesting or exciting. When I left for college, I was able to shop for myself—no boundaries. I would spend my entire paychecks on lingerie. It was a deeply rooted fascination and it’s still growing strong.

From studying at FIT, I landed an internship with Calvin Klein Intimates, where I began my career, then I moved to Victoria’s Secret for over a decade. I was there at a time when Victoria’s Secret was sort of on top of the world and when I left, it was the perfect time to start my own venture.

One of the things I did at Victoria’s Secret was evaluate. I looked for whitespace, opportunities, and things to fast-track into what we were missing in our stores or in our brand, from new silhouettes and new technologies. I worked a lot with product development, and I saw where the industry was moving, and it inspired me to break out and start my own company

That being said, what has changed the most since you first started your journey?

The general definition of “sexy” has changed. Even just a few years ago, when we thought ‘sexy’ we had a particular vision in mind and now it’s totally subjective. Being “sexy” is just being yourself and being confident, no matter what your body type is or what you’re wearing.

How did you come up with the concept of Flex-Sizing®?

At the start of my career, I would coordinate a lot of focus groups. We worked with smaller groups of women and would ask them to bring their favorite bra and underwear. You would ask them questions such as “Why is this your favorite?” and “What do you think of this new line?” When asked to bring in her favorite bra, one woman brought in two.

She said “If it’s that time of the month and I’m feeling bloated, or if my body weight is off, this is my favorite. And if I’m feeling good, this is my favorite.” It stayed in the back of my mind until I was in the beginning stages of creating LoveSuze. Everyone agreed with her, and everyone wanted to say it, but no one really did. That’s what started the concept of the brand.

The entire idea behind my brand is that your everyday bra and panty should be comfortable every day of the month. It shouldn’t be, “This is my favorite today and when I’m not feeling great, it’s this.” Why can’t we combine both?

Having spent quite some time in the lingerie industry, you previously mentioned that you were growing increasingly frustrated with digging, pinching, and inconsistent sizing. In your opinion, why do you think so many brands overlook common issues like these considering underwear is the first thing you put on every day?

For most lingerie brands, they use a standardized grading system that has been around for decades, and during the process of designing a bra, you go to the factory and then you fit it onto one size (using the standardized grading system). This means the bra width and strap are only increased by a certain amount and they come up with a ‘this size fits most’ system. It’s a very outdated way of designing bras and I don’t agree with this standard—every woman’s body is different.

And obviously, a lot of it has to do with an outdated way of how brands view women’s bodies.

Absolutely—while women may share the same size, their bodies are vastly different and they’re changing every single day. One of my goals while creating my brand was to create something that truly embraces a positive body image and empowers the wearer. I want women to feel confident. This philosophy, providing a foundation that supports confidence, is genuinely the heart and soul of LoveSuze.

The goal of our new collection is to combat that outdated view of women’s bodies. We’ve customized the fit on each size, rather than playing into this old way of grading. Think about it, even for men—you might be a size medium or a large in pants, but you might have a friend who’s your size, but their body shape looks completely different from yours.

LoveSuze’s Ever-Stretch Lace collection has grown increasingly popular over the past year, with an exciting color palette to match its comfort. Can you talk to us about what inspired the vibrant hues and playful leopard pattern?

Back to what I was saying earlier, I always loved bright, printed, fun bras and panties. When I was coming up with the idea of LoveSuze, I realized a lot of women typically do not wear vibrant, bright colors outside. Maybe they’re intimidated by it, or they don’t want to stand out. But the bright colors in your underwear and bras give you the opportunity to live a little and be confident.

Nobody has to know, it’s like our little secret. We can wear these bright, amazing vibrant colors with leopard lace and nobody else knows, just us. Of course, we still have the basics, but people are reacting to this bright palette and it’s amazing.

Also, you’re a strong believer that lingerie isn’t just for special occasions—what are some of your favorite ways to incorporate lingerie into your everyday wardrobe that you would recommend to others?

Most people have this misconception that lingerie is about sexy wear. People think of garters and over-the-top bras and underwear when the reality, the definition of lingerie is simply the bra and underwear that you put on every day.

You can mix and match and wear it underneath just about anything. If you want to keep it subtle, you can have a neon strap pop under your black dress. You can wear a sexy, lace bodysuit underneath a blazer to an event. There are so many ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Beyond the brand’s current offerings, what else are you looking to explore in terms of underwear and design?

Our upcoming collection, Made for Me, is super exciting. We actually took the idea of the standard grading system and individually fit and designed each bra for women of every size. We’ve looked at it on each sized body so that we can custom-fit the bras for every woman.

We also have a couple of patents in the work for new bras and underwear. So, we’ve got a lot of things coming up in the pipe. I’m super excited for the rest of this year.

Excitingly, we’ve actually seen a lot of new intimates labels sprout since 2020. What do you hope the future holds for LoveSuze and the lingerie industry as a whole in terms of inclusivity and representation?

Inclusivity is everywhere. More and more brands are starting to introduce more sizes—bigger and smaller. I think it’s amazing and it’s going to continue to evolve. This is just the beginning.

The customer is also a lot savvier than she was ten years ago. Women think about fit more than they ever have, and similar to LoveSuze as a brand, we won’t introduce a piece or a size into our collections unless we’re 100% confident that women are going to love it. While it’s a long process to get to all the sizes we want, we just want to make sure it fits you perfectly.