Love You Later Press Shot RAYDAR

Love You Later Tells Us All About Her New EP ‘From The Window Seat’

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Love You Later Press Shot RAYDAR

Stepping boldly into the spotlight, Love You Later—the creative brainchild of Nashville’s own Lexi Aviles—unveiled her eagerly-awaited EP, From the Window Seat, this past month.

The 7-track EP is a sonic tapestry, weaving together past hit singles like “Keepintouch,” “Girl With Headphones,” “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?,” and “Long Sleeves,” with the fresh vibrancy of three new tracks: “Mars,” “Not Done,” and “Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago.” With a striking blend of electric melodies and candid lyrics, the singer-songwriter crafts a mesmerizing dreamscape that shimmers with guitar riffs and resounds with euphoric synths. The EP dances between introspective ballads such as “Long Sleeves” and energetic alt-pop anthems like “Keepintouch,” a testament to Love You Later’s range and artistry.

From the Window Seat is a symphony of sound, showcasing Love You Later’s unique blend of ethereal pop and grounded storytelling. She dives deeper into the inspiration behind the EP: “Over the past couple of years, I’ve felt like I’ve been observing my life from a bird’s eye view. I’ve plunged into the depths of my thoughts, soul, and self-reflection more than ever before. It’s an intimidating process, but it’s also led to a deeper understanding of myself.”

With the release of From the Window Seat, she has once again demonstrated her gift for capturing the complexities of the human experience in her music. Continue scrolling to check out our interview below!

Hey Lexi! Your EP From The Window Seat is out now, how does it feel to be putting out this project? Do you typically get nervous around this time or filled with excitement?

It feels incredible to finally have it out! The release of the project genuinely feels like a physical energy release after all of the months of hard work and dedication I’ve put into it. I always get nervous about seeing how my work is received, but I mostly feel excited and grateful that I get to put out music I believe in. 

As the project of Love You Later evolved, how did you discover the sound and direction you wanted to take with the EP? What were some of your main inspirations?

I think the evolution of my sound has found itself and it’s not like I tried very hard to force something different. I think that’s just what happens when you learn lessons and live your life, the music speaks for itself. It sounds cliche, but similar to a relationship, you kind of know when you know that it feels right and true to you. My main inspirations for the EP and pretty much always, were The Japanese House, MUNA, Frou-Frou, Beabadoobee, Michelle Branch, and Natalie Imbruglia.

Self-reflection seems to be a major theme on this EP, with the title itself being inspired by a lyric from “Girl With Headphones.” How has this introspective journey influenced your songwriting and personal growth?

Yes! My introspective journey has influenced my songwriting and personal growth in many ways. One thing about me is I hate feeling stagnant so I’m always looking to grow onwards and upwards. But with that comes a lot of unnecessary pressure I put on myself because I know that sometimes I’ll fall in the opposite direction. But overall, I think that’s where my music and art stems from, is the ups and downs of reality.

The project itself also includes past hit singles as well as three brand-new tracks. Can you tell us a bit about the journey of creating and releasing these songs, and how they fit into the overall narrative of the EP?

All of the songs off the EP tell an important story individually, but they tell an even bigger story as a cohesive piece, so I knew I had to release them all together. Some of the songs were written a couple of years ago and some just a few months ago, but they’re all a crucial part of the introspective journey that I wanted to convey.

You’ve mentioned the window seat as a place where you reflect on your life and how far you’ve come. If you could give advice to your younger self just starting out in music, what would you say?

A big piece of advice I would give my younger self would be to be grateful for each step of the way. In my mind, there’s never really a point of reaching “success.” You have to create little steps of success along the way or else it will always feel tiring and so far away.

Celebrating the release, you’ll be touring in a few major cities including Brooklyn and Los Angeles. What do you look forward to the most when it comes to performing your songs live?

Yes, I’m so excited for these shows! I look forward to meeting new people in these cities and seeing them dance and sing along to these songs. The true human connection I get to experience at these shows is unlike any other part of my artistic career and it reminds me why I release these songs into the world to begin with.