Love Moor RAYDAR Interview Press Photo

Love Moor Chats About Her Exciting New Ep ‘LOVE’

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Love Moor RAYDAR Interview Press Photo

Love Moor, the magnetic singer-songwriter, is back with a captivating 6-track EP, LOVE. This latest offering delves into the myriad facets of love itself, showcasing Love Moor’s vulnerability, playfulness, and boldness. By exploring the complexities of love, the artist embraces her self-worth and puts herself first.

LOVE is a personal reflection of Love Moor’s inner world. As she puts it, “It encompasses the sexy, the silly, and the lover in me. I wanted to show the depth of true love and all its forms… from vulnerability to strength, insecurity to confidence, desire burning from lust to comfort.” Love Moor masterfully illustrates that love is more than a mere feeling—it’s an action, a person, and a place. It’s the ultimate expression of our human nature.

The EP also features a dazzling music video for the single “Pacifier,” a collaboration with the equally talented Moliy. Set in a lush, tropical cityscape, the sultry vibes of the record are perfectly complemented by the vibrant visuals. On this project, Moor is unapologetically bold and vulnerable, no longer settling for giving her all only to receive the bare minimum. Other standout cuts include “Libra Scale,” “Gentle,” and “Sequel” among others.

As Love Moor continues to make waves in the music world, we couldn’t resist catching up with her to discuss her captivating new EP, LOVE, her recent collaboration with Moliy, and much more. Stay tuned for our in-depth conversation with the artist who is redefining the concept of love through her unique lens.

“Pacifier” is such an amazing record and the accompanying music video is just as exciting. Can you walk us through the creative process behind the visuals?

Thank you so much! “Pacifier” has such a nice mixture of sounds. I think the biggest inspiration for the music video came from the Spanish guitar feature on the record. The video’s director Brilliant Garcia and my creative directors created this beautiful vision. I grew up in Miami, so we worked to capture that in this space and it all came together very well!

You mentioned that you met Moliy on the same day that you created “Pacifier” together. What was it like collaborating with her, and how did you two complement each other’s styles?

Moliy is my Ghanaian sister!!! It was such an organic meeting. After I laid my verse we knew should we be the perfect fit, and I was elated that she was moved to collaborate on this one. I feel like our voices truly complement each other! We are both Libras and that’s a quick view on our instant connection. My raspy lows and her sweet highs… just uh *chefs kiss*.

Across your music incorporates a diverse range of genres, from alternative dancehall to R&B to Afropop. How do you choose which genres to blend together, and what’s your favorite genre to experiment with?

Oh wow! To be honest, I’m from so many places. I have love for some many things including different genres sometimes it just depends on the vibe I get from the production. Sound is what really moves me above all… I decide to trust the vibe and I go with it. Truth be told I love to sing sad shit over rap beats… Would we consider that R&B? So, I’ll say my fav is alternative R&B.

Your new EP, LOVE, focuses on different aspects of love and relationships. Can you share with us some of the themes that you explore on this project?

Definitely. “Fantasies” is extremely bold in delivery but it is a plea for love and security. So I am singing about the insecurities of love while also creating a standard for the love I deserve. “Pacifier” is about the longing of security from a lover. “Dancin” is just fun. Love can just be fun and sexy. “Libra Scale” is about the disappointment of love, when the love is not reciprocated sufficiently. Gentle is still an optimistic faith in new love! “Sequel” is self-love. Screaming to the world this is what I’m doing! Watch me do it!!! 

The lead single and opening cut, “Fantasies,” has such a playful and seductive vibe. What was your inspiration behind this track, and what message do you hope to convey through it?

When Bunx played the beat for “Fantasies” I immediately knew I wanted to write to it… it was inspired by insufficient love. Kinda tired of the pie being desired and receiving a little of nothing. Moving forward I’m asking “where’s your table.” I want the message to be create your standards and stand on them… but sexy!

Elsewhere, “Libra Scale” is another stunning track that showcases your versatility as a singer-songwriter. How did that particular record come about?

“Libra Scale” was inspired by ginger… You know how beneficial ginger is? Now imagine if you had a partner that was like ginger. I love ginger. I’ll do just about anything to have and keep my ginger lol so then I ask for the ginger man to love me back. Meet me in the middle. 

You’ve had a pretty big year so far, signing with Human Re Sources and preparing to release your EP. What has been the most exciting part of this journey for you so far?

I think traveling and meeting new people who truly support me and what it is I’m doing. The support and love really fills me up! 

Throughout this project, you often explore themes of empowerment and self-love. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to love and accept themselves?

Reject all of your negative self-talk and replace it with the opposite. It might feel silly but affirm yourself every chance you get. Take your vitamins and remember you are love!