Lou Ridley

Lou Ridley Unveils New Ep ‘Angel/Outlaw’

Nashville musician Lou Ridley unveils her much-awaited sophomore EP titled Angel/Outlaw. The six-song offering, which boasts a lone feature from Texas’ DJ Candlestick, explores the universally relatable struggle of heartache and the extreme strength it takes to overcome them.

“Angel/Outlaw explores the duality of being a woman while exploring romance and self. It’s a lot of failures until it isn’t,” Lou shares with us. “I made these songs with eight-bar loops from my friend Keith during quarantine. I had just left a five-year relationship and then we went on lockdown. I was heartbroken and couldn’t do anything except sit and write in my little loft in DTLA and smoke way too much weed.”

Pre-release singles such as “Delivered” and “Hellfire” also appear on the project, which received good feedback from her fanbase. As a great way to close off the year for the singer-songwriter, Lou Ridley used unfiltered storytelling that resonates with all those she comes across. Stream the project below.

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