LOLA Flicker Music Video

LOLA Releases The Sensual Title Track To her Upcoming EP ‘Flicker’

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LOLA Flicker Music Video

LOLA spent some time refining her sound before releasing her comeback song “Back,” solidifying her position as one of London’s most captivating new vocalists in the process. Today, she also unveils the gorgeous title track of her upcoming second EP, Flicker.

The album’s opener, “Flicker,” is a fantastic introduction to the musician’s more polished sound. As the track’s heavy load hip-hop-inspired bounce is introduced by the musician’s voice, her sensuous but chilly vocals take center stage for an almost spiritual cut of electronically infused soul, evoking masterpieces from the 00s golden period with a forward-looking twist. With a darker, more instrumentalist tone than her earlier compositions, LOLA generates a feeling of inner power and conviction that serves as the project’s defining spirit.

LOLA’s Flicker EP, which consists of six songs, is the product of an artist that took some time away to contemplate and come back with a more refined message and sound. Despite being at the beginning of her career, she has returned with a renewed spirit and a fresh perspective that promises to amaze and perplex once again.

Listen to “Flicker” below.

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