Lois Rae Opens Up About “RADAR,” Her Inspirations, and More

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Rising songstress Lois Rae is making a bold statement with her latest single, “RADAR,” embracing her power and prioritizing genuine connections in her life. With a seductive beat produced by Manon Dave, the track showcases Lois’ silky tone and slick lyricism as she confidently addresses the importance of surrounding oneself with authentic people and protecting personal energy.

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, Lois Rae made her debut in 2020 with “BADDIE,” and has since been captivating listeners with her unique sound. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, Lois has continued to evolve as an artist, garnering support from prestigious platforms and radio stations. Fast forward to the following year, she also unveiled records like “THAT’s ME” and the Wynts-assisted single “MIND” before releasing “SWIM” in 2022.

Accompanying “RADAR” is a mesmerizing beachside visualizer that perfectly captures the essence of the track. Lois Rae shared her thoughts on the release, stating, “I wanted to make sure that the people who listen to my music do the same. RADAR has been written with the purpose to communicate this message and to help the listener remember their worth any time they find themselves forgetting. Not everyone needs to be in your circle, or on your radar.”

In our latest interview, we had the opportunity to chat with Lois Rae about her musical journey, creative process, and the inspiration behind the powerful message in “RADAR.” Stay tuned for our in-depth conversation with this talented artist as she continues to make waves in the music scene.

Hey Lois! So walk me through your childhood—what was your introduction to music and how did it lead you down the path of releasing your debut in 2020?

Hey! I actually started playing classical piano when I was really young and that has continued to be a massive part of my life. Playing classical music is like my therapy! I also grew up with siblings who were really into R&B and my mum was always playing Soul music around the house. All of those influences kind of blended together to create the sound that I have today. I met Manon Dave, my good friend and frequent collaborator, in 2020 which led to us creating my debut single “BADDIE.” You can hear a lot of R&B and soul influence in “BADDIE,” and you can even catch me playing piano in the intro!

Your latest single, “RADAR,” is all about embracing personal power and cutting ties with fake friends. Can you share your journey of recognizing the importance of genuine connections?

Yes, this is something I feel so strongly about. Your life can really be shaped depending on the people you surround yourself with. I’ve always had the mantra that it’s important to keep your heart soft but your boundaries strong. In all of my music, I want to empower the listener to recognize their own strength and power in whatever form that is. If there’s anyone in your life who isn’t matching your energy or lifting you up—they need to go!

Throughout the record, you notably show off your silky vocals and slick lyricism. Take me through that journey of finding your voice in music—how have you developed and honed your vocal style over time?

Thank you! My vocal style has always had a lot of sultry R&B and soul influence. I take huge inspiration from vocalists like Aaliyah and Sade. Since working with Manon I’ve been indulging in more contemporary sonic soundscapes I feel it’s naturally pushed my vocal to be more experimental. I now also take a lot of inspiration from artists like SZA and Doja Cat.

Also, the visualizer for “RADAR” takes us to the beach for a hypnotic experience. Can you tell us about the concept behind this video and how it connects to the song’s message?

Yes, the video is a symbolic message. My previous single “SWIM” was all about going with the flow which is symbolized in the beach and the water, then this single “RADAR” is all about conquering your dreams even if you have to do it alone, which is symbolized by climbing the mountain. It’s a journey!

Another thing that makes you an exciting artist to watch is constantly watching you update your feed with new photos. How would you describe your style and what are your wardrobe faves for the season?

Thank you so much. Fashion and creativity are a huge part of my life. My personal style is very experimental and unique – a lot like my music! I think it’s really important to experiment and have fun with fashion and not take it too seriously. Moving into spring and summer I’m looking forward to colorful knits and feminine dresses—although I’ll always be a sucker for a low-key trackie and trench combo on the colder days!

Beauty-wise, what skincare and makeup products do you have in constant rotation at the moment?

I’m definitely leaning toward a fresh, natural makeup look. I absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Wands and I’m forever in love with a Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss! I love the Dr. Jart face masks for an extra boost of hydration.

Talk to me about your makeup routine, how do you put together your signature look?

Like I said my everyday glam is super natural and refined but I do love to play with makeup when I’m on stage! My signature look for a performance or shoot would be a cat eyelash, lots of highlighter, and defined nude lip. I have been asked if I take makeup inspo from Bratz Dolls in the past which I’m not mad about!

As your career continues to grow, what are your long-term goals and aspirations as an artist?

I’m so passionate about the UK R&B scene and I feel really blessed to be a part of it. I feel proud to be a woman in a creative industry and that’s something I will always push for more visibility on for myself and all the other amazing women doing incredible things around me.

Another string to my bow is that love songwriting and I’m excited to work on more projects with other artists. Fashion and creativity are also a huge part of my life and in the future I see my love for fashion and music fusing together even more seamlessly.