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Published: September 21, 2023

Last Updated: September 20, 2023

Lo Lauren Opens Up About “Only One on Earth,” Her Signature Look, and More

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Lo Lauren Press Photo Main

Fresh on the pop music scene, Lo Lauren has already started carving out a name for herself, getting heads nodding and feet tapping to her vibrant beats. Her debut track, “Never The One,” earned accolades from BBC Radio 1, clearly marking her as a young artist on the rise.

Her latest offering, “Only One on Earth,” is a synth-soaked sensation that blends the effervescence of noughties nostalgia with the audacious character of today’s music vibe. Through the track, Lo delves into the complex emotions that accompany unrequited love. It’s a heartfelt tale of putting oneself out there and facing rejection, all set to a backdrop of catchy tunes and relatable lyrics.

In her own words, Lo explains, “‘Only One on Earth’ is about putting yourself out there, telling someone you like them and being flat out rejected. It’s heartbreaking, savage and embarrassing! And in moments when your feelings are unrequited, and you’re knocked back, it’s suddenly like everyone around you is extra loved up and happy, which leaves you feeling even more sad and alone. So this is a cry for human connection, acceptance, and love, and I had so much fun writing it.”

As we prepared to chat more with Lo, it’s clear that her vibrant approach to music is exactly what the pop scene has been craving — a refreshing voice that isn’t afraid to embrace the full spectrum of youthful emotions. Check out our conversation below.

For those unfamiliar, how did you get into music? 

I did a lot of musical theater growing up and always loved performing and being on stage. In my head, I knew I had to be an artist — it was like this non-negotiable desire — but I didn’t have a clue how! Then, I discovered songwriting and started writing for loads of different artists around London before I felt ready and comfortable enough to start working on my own music. Then, through networking going to events, and making friends, I gradually met my people and team, and here we are! 

And for those who haven’t heard your songs before, how would you define your sound, especially in this early stage of your career? 

Feel good, singalong in the car vibes, hopefully, a fresh take on the nostalgic golden era of pop. I feel like there was a lot more drama in pop songs of the 2010s, and I wanna bring that theatrical, anthemic energy back! 

“Only One on Earth” is your second release to date, and it’s a really exciting record about human connection and opening yourself up to new possibilities. Can you run us through the inspiration for the track lyrically? 

It’s essentially about rejection. Telling someone you like them and them not feeling the same. Whenever you get knocked back, it’s really easy to let your thoughts spiral and start thinking that you’re never gonna find someone and you’ll be alone forever! “OOOE” is inspired by that little breakdown I get when something like that happens — jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst (sometimes most ridiculous) things. 

Let’s talk about songwriting and the process of narrowing down music — what’s your process for coming up with songs, and ultimately, how do you decide what comes out? 

I like to prep a document with titles, voice notes, concepts, and references, and bring that to a writing camp or sessions with my close collaborators. We then go through it and just make as much music as we can. There’s no strict method or rule to the way I write. It’s just whatever sparks my imagination at that moment, whether it be a title, a melody, or chords. 

I decide with my team which songs come out. We generally all agree on the songs that feel right and align with the general scope of the project, which is good! 

It feels like with new artists, the requirements and the expectation have changed a lot in recent years. Has social media and TikTok influenced your creative process? 

In terms of writing songs, no. I try not to get distracted or influenced by social media and what other people are doing ’cause if I did, then I’d just make the same as everyone else, which I don’t want. But in terms of presenting those songs to the world, social media 100% has influenced me. It is a full-time job creating content and posting on socials, but I just think of it as a platform to express my music visually and artistically and then I actually find it fun. I’m a right nerd and secretly love editing videos all evening haha. 

Also, beauty seems to be a large part of your aesthetic. How would you describe your signature look? 

I would describe it as sparkly. I love adding glitter or gems to my makeup as it adds a nice texture — layer that with hair clips and loads of accessories, and we are good to go! 

Looking beyond this year, what are some of your bucket list goals you’re working towards? 

Musically, I would love to tour the world, write and star in a musical film, headline Glasto, and make a music video with Baz Luhrmann. Personally, I want to be able to stand on my head, run a half marathon, climb a mountain at some point, and get better at playing guitar!