LEXXE Chats Her Heartwarming Single “X,” Dancing, and More

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In the expansive landscape of creative expression, LEXXE stands out as a rare gem. The New York-based singer-songwriter’s ability to seamlessly blend her training in classical dance and music into a cohesive engaging performance style has garnered her acclaim on a global scale.

Early on in her artistic development, she started taking ballet training at the prestigious Seiskaya Ballet Academy. She also spent years honing her craft at the Ellison Ballet, The Rock School, and the American Ballet Theatre, among other illustrious dance institutions. But dance was just the beginning of LEXXE’s artistic journey. In addition to her BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, she’s also a trained classical musician, having played the French horn for 11 years.

This past year, she won over many listeners alike, and now she’s back with a brand new tune called “X.” LEXXE has managed to create a song that’s equal upbeat and heartfelt by combining disco sounds with honest, diary-like lyrics. Her father, Xavier, died away 20 years ago this year, and “X” is a touching tribute to him. The unconventional release date of January 29 was chosen as a celebration of her late father’s birthday, although this record serves as a loving gift that’ll last forever.

“I love to write about the supernatural and the things we don’t understand, so while I acknowledge that seeing him could’ve been something my mind made up, it doesn’t make it any less poignant,” the singer shared. LEXXE continues, “The song is composed of different lines about me questioning life and death, talking about real life events and it’s really a question of do we ever really die?”

LEXXE is a true Renaissance woman, blending her classical training in dance and music to create a unique and captivating performance style that is sure to leave audiences spellbound. We had the pleasure of chatting with the singer about “X,” her bucket list for 2023, and so much more!

“X” is of course an ode to your late father, Xavier. Do you have any memories of him that you’d be comfortable sharing?

Thank you for asking this! It prompted me to loop a ton of great memories. One of my favorites was Halloween, I’ve spoken in the past about it, but he knew I loved Halloween and anything horror- vampires especially. I was a pretty theatrical child and loved costumes and fantasy worlds.

One Halloween the bus got me to my stop (my house) and my dad was decked out in full Dracula face paint, Cape, fangs, and my mom was too. I felt like the coolest, luckiest kid ever and I’ll never forget it. If I remember correctly, he was not feeling well at the time and went out of his way to do it still. As an adult now I realize this took planning and thought, it’s definitely one of my love languages to this day. 

I can imagine that you may have gone through a roller coaster of emotions while creating the record. What was the songwriting process like?

I think because I’ve had a long while to grieve, and I speak openly about this often, the song process gave me a moment to cry about it as well as feel proud of where I am in my comfortability with the subject. If anything, I felt nervous to be so open about it, but for me as an artist I feel as though it’s necessary to share things that mean so much to me in music because it shows in the end product- and could reach someone who needs it too. The process was cathartic and exciting, I feel like translating those feelings into melodies made some of my most beautiful ones yet. 

Now that it’s finally out, does it feel like a major weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

For sure, but it also feels like a really exciting door has been opened. To be able to make such meaningful music, that actually makes me want to dance too, is a huge deal to me and I’m really looking forward to exploring the sound that “X” unlocked. 

You mention it briefly in the song, although can you break down the symbolism of the cover art?

There was a period in my life where I was really grappling with what we’re doing here and where we go after. I definitely turned to drinking and turning off my brain rather than truly feeling those feelings. I don’t feel that way anymore and have a much healthier relationship with spirits and respecting my body and mind. The lyric in “X” that says, “you’re the reason that I’m drinking,” the “you’re” isn’t really just about my dad it’s about everyone I’ve lost and grappling with where they went. 

On the more straightforward side, a lot of my memories involve my dad with a glass of scotch or whiskey and that exact watch that I’m wearing in the cover art.

Coming off the heels of this heavy record, what are your plans for the rest of the year music-wise?

I’m going to continue to release art that means something to me. I tend to lean into theatrics and metaphor in my lyrics, but I look forward to exploring how I can make more emotive music with lyrics that are dangerously honest. 

I know that you’re also passionate about dancing. In what ways does movement and performing provide a sense of empowerment for you? 

Empowerment all the way! I believe that my dancing and upbringing made me have a really wonderful sense of my body and what it’s like to be on stage. I still get nervous, but I’d imagine it’s nothing like stepping on stage for the first time, I got that out of the way quite young. I’ve also experienced my fair share of mishaps on stage and learned how to push through them without letting it affect me.

Dancing to my music is the most empowering thing to me because I made it for that reason. The stage is my safe place for sure. I remember always feeling grateful to be able to help people escape for a while when I performed in ballets, I hope my concerts do the same. Just way more guitar and hair flips, ha! 

Last year, you blessed us with songs like “I Love You So Much It Scares Me” and “I Like When You Wear Your Hair Down”—are we getting any closer to a full-length project or are you still discovering who you are as an artist?

Thank you! I’d say right now I’m leaning towards a full-length project very soon. I have a lot of dreams for visuals for a full-length and what type of world I want to create for people to escape to. Right now, I can confidently say I know who LEXXE is, what LEXXE sounds like, looks like, and really, it’s just all about honing in on what piece to focus on. 

Lastly, can you tell us how you continue to come up with various creative concepts and bring them to life, both in your songs and who you are as a creative?

Honestly, I stay vigilant – continuing to read, watch movies, indulge in art, and keep my eyes/heart open these days. There’s so much to see and feel on earth right now even the bad -and the last few years have been so formative for me.