Premiere: LAZR Shares ‘Queen & Slim’-Inspired “Bestfriend” Visuals

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Las Vegas-bred artist and songwriter LAZR, short for Love And Zero Regrets, has had an incredible run this past year. From penning Summer Walker’s “Body” to YG and Chris Brown’s “Rodeo” earlier this year, he’s established himself in both the songwriting and artistry realm. Not only that, but LAZR dropped his early-awaited album Blawsome which fans alike were on the edge of their seats ready to hear.

Today, LAZR drops off the visuals for the standout cut “Bestfriend,” a graphic yet real video that alludes to 2019’s Blockbuster film Queen and Slim.  It’s not a romantic Romeo and Juliet love story leaving all the sugar out of it and shows the unfortunate truth that is all too real for so many people.

There are exponential meanings one can draw from this and ultimately, right now, we need to all support and educate about racial injustices. LAZR got the first cut of the video back the day of the Breonna Taylor verdict and will be giving all proceeds to ACLU. We recently spoke with LAZR about the release of “Bestfriend,” the depiction of Black love in movies, and keeping up with his mental health amidst the pandemic. Check out the video and exclusive interview below.

What’s the inspiration behind “Bestfriend”? Did the idea for the song and visual come to at once?

I came up with the song first. It was inspired by true events. I wanted to make something that my friends and fans can relate to and say “yeah I been there before.”

What was the experience like working with Chris Scholar and his team on this particular video? 

It was amazing, man, he’s a genius! I’ve never met a director that is a real certified songwriter as well. That combination is deadly if you ask me because I’m a songwriter myself so I can only imagine if I directed videos.

If you can recall, what was your initial reaction after watching Queen & Slim for the first time?

“Shock value!” I was blown away by the music, the acting, the color, wardrobe, and most importantly the message! It was before it’s time by right on time! It’s in my top 5 movies, no doubt.

Much like the film, “Bestfriend” highlights many of the racial injustices we see in America—can you talk about how important it is to incorporate these underlying messages in your music and visuals?

It’s very important to do my part. I can’t sit around and make a video with a hit girl and some fancy story line when my people are really at a war right now! I felt it was very important for me to do my part.

After watching the music video, what do you want your audience to take away from the record?

I want them to enjoy the art and the message. The dope thing about making art is you leave it up to the consumer to take it for what it is. You don’t push a narrative on them that’s not what this is about I just want the art to speak.

With the pandemic going on, what are some ways you keep yourself creative and motivated?

I’ve started working out with a personal trainer so I don’t get fat from these quarantine snacks haha. Also, just staying in the studio working on myself I want to be better every single day.

How have you been able to sustain your mental health during times like this?

Being around my kids. My son is seven now and he’s getting into fashion and music. He’s my twin. I want him to be the better version of me so parenting has been keeping me sane as always.

In terms of 2021, where do you plan on taking your artistry next year?

I want to have a top 10 by the, I don’t know if it’ll from me or written by me. I need that in my life, seriously.

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