Larce Blake

Published: November 24, 2021

Last Updated: June 11, 2022

Larce Blake Breaks Down Records With Kaash Paige, Allyn, & More

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Larce Blake

Amongst the few music producers carving out a unique sound in the R&B scene, Larce Blake always turns it up a notch with his instrumentals and melodies. The Dallas-raised beatmaker has worked on a plethora of records this past year, some of them doing major numbers and others with rising acts. Some songs that many may recognize produced by Larce include Kaash Paige’s “Fake Friends” and “Soul Ties,” Sudie’s Kari Faux-assisted single “Good Guy,” and Maya Hirasedo’s “Sinking” to name a few. Now, based in Los Angeles, Larce has a lot of potential and he hasn’t even reached his peak yet!

For Behind The Records, Larce Blake chops it up with us about working on songs for Kaash Paige, Dee Gatti, Jess Connelly, and many more. Check it out below!

Allyn – “Temporary Feelings”

 I co-produced this record with my homie Dre Eazy,  and honestly, the record came together pretty effortlessly. It was in the midst of the pandemic in summer 2020 and I was just making a lot of melodies at the time. I sent Dre one of my melody packs and the melody loop used in this song was actually already titled “Temporary Feelings.” We both work with Allyn pretty often so once she heard the beat she just started writing to it and we came out with the finished product. 

Kaash Paige – “Soul Ties”

Man, this was another pandemic record lol. It was April 2020 and it was a cold and rainy day in Dallas at the time. We made this in my homie Sonic Major’s dorm room at UNT, he basically just texted me that day and told me to pull up on him and Kaash to cook up. When we got there, the idea was to try to make Kaash’s Love Songs 2.0 but it turned into Soul Ties. The workflow basically started with Sonic playing the guitar, I played some keys on top of those, and Kaash laid down the bassline and we just sauced up the drums and recorded the record from there. This was honestly one of my most favorite sessions. It was in a time where there was so much uncertainty in the world and we were able to channel those feelings into a record.

Jess Connelly – “Chatter”

This was another record I did with the homie Dre Eazy and it basically consisted of the same process in a way. Instead, this time Dre sent me the beat idea and I had finished it out. Jess Connelly and I have a pretty good working relationship so I usually just send her beat packs every month. I remember letting her know to check this one out in particular, and a few weeks later she hit me back saying she wrote to the record. It’s always a pretty seamless process working with Jess! 

Dee Gatti – “Art of Seduction”

Art of Seduction came together pretty randomly tbh. I was honestly just pulling up to kick it at my homies crib in Dallas, and when I walked in Dee Gatti and Shraban who I co-produced the record with was there too. We kicked it for a minute- then they asked me if I wanted to cook up, and I was definitely down. I started the record and basically fleshed out an 8 bar loop with all the melodies and drums, and bounced that loop out. From there, Shraban arranged and mixed the beat with our other homie Franco while Dee was writing. I remember it being pretty late and I took a power nap in the front room and waking up to the record basically being done. 

Gen Bello – “Friends”

The beat for friends was extremely fun to make. I remember just wanting to create something really fun, and different that people would dance and feel good to. I sat on this beat for a while, but when I got introduced to Gen, I knew she would be able to kill it. It was a pretty seamless process, I sent it to her and she recorded to it and I loved it. I remember when it dropped, SZA was showing Gen hella love on the song and that was hella cool. 

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