La Shana Latrice RAYDAR Press Photo

La Shana Latrice Opens Up About Her EP ‘Faith’

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La Shana Latrice RAYDAR Press Photo

The resonating echo of anticipation is palpable as Birmingham-born, Virginia-residing R&B artist La Shana Latrice recently the unveiled her electrifying new EP, Faith.

Embarking on an euphoric journey of self-discovery, La Shana’s latest project is a luminescent beacon in the R&B scene, brimming with profound sincerity and vulnerability that transcends the common trope. Effortlessly layering contemporary gospel and soul over intricately textured soundscapes, La Shana’s Faith EP is an intimate exploration of spiritual gratitude, ultimately shaping the evocative signature sound of this promising artist.

Collaborating with the renowned producer Reginald Smith, the EP opens with the robust and rhythmic “Never Give Up” — a deft blend of heavy piano chords and vibrant percussions, underpinning La Shana’s powerful vocal range. Through her music, La Shana aims to ignite a spiritual revolution, encouraging her listeners to celebrate and explore the depths of their own inner spirits. Her artistic ingenuity is both striking and thought-provoking, making waves across the U.K. and U.S. music landscapes.

Shifting gears across the EP’s progression, La Shana traverses through tracks such as “Faith,” “Something New (The Truth),” and the lead single “My Everything.” Each song is a testament to her unique blend of sultry R&B and subtle jazz elements, setting an atmospheric stage for La Shana’s introspective journey into the labyrinthine world of spirituality. The auditory experience is akin to a melodic embrace, one that is comforting in its familiarity yet thrilling in its innovation.

Closing the EP with “Show Me Your Face,” La Shana continues her relentless pursuit of enlightenment and divine presence, all the while showcasing her ethereal vocal ability. Her celestial sound embodies her artistic prowess and mission, seamlessly merging spirituality and music to create a compelling narrative.

As we sit down with La Shana Latrice to delve deeper into her inspiring journey and the inner workings of her new EP, it becomes clear that her mesmerizing sound and compelling message are just the beginning of her burgeoning career.

What was your first experience with music and songwriting?

I would say when I was 16, just starting college I remember joining a group and we were having to all create a song from scratch for an assignment. Otherwise I loved writing poems as a kid and began to sing and learn songs from a young age.

Being raised in Birmingham and now living in Virginia, you’ve experienced different cultures. How have these diverse landscapes influenced your songs and their messages?

As I’ve always listened to American music from quite young, it hasn’t influenced my songs any more then if I was still living in the UK. If I had to be picky then i would say working with American producers certainly helps to understand the US market.

Your new EP Faith feels like a beautiful journey into self-discovery. Could you share a bit about what inspired the heartfelt project?

I felt it was time to share exactly where I am mentally, emotionally and spiritually in my life right now and music has always been my outlet of self expression. I always want to give listeners an understanding of who I am.

It begins with the empowering anthem “Never Give Up.” Can you tell us a bit about what inspired the track and why you chose it as the opener?

It was important for me to set the tone of the EP with a strong statement. I also wanted to empower listeners to never give up the good fight of purpose.

That being said, how do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

Motivated to deepen their own faith. To look within trust, stay focused and keep there eyes on god. And for those who are nonbelievers, maybe this will inspire them to be openminded to the possibilities of the supernatural. I want people to feel uplifted and encouraged.

Later, as the project concludes with “Show Me Your Face,” there’s seemingly a sense of longing. Do you recall a particular moment when you felt this deep yearning for enlightenment?

Yes! Ever since I was a child I would always be so intrigued with the spiritual realm. It took me many, many years of seeking and going through many religions to finally find the one that makes sense.

This EP aside, what are some of the things you’d like to explore next?

I’m excited to continue this journey, I’ll be exploring the 80s style of music a little more also.