Kye Colors, From Kansas City To Worldwide

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A product of Kansas City’s ever-growing music scene, Kye Colors is a rising multitalented artist and producer making waves in Missouri. He grew up on the south side of KC, often moving back and forth from the inner city. The lyricist began writing music as early as middle school, which eventually lead to him producing by the age of 13. He initially started off in a local music group before branching off into the artist we now know as Kye Colors.

In 2016, he released his debut project aptly titled Milk Is Nasty. The 13-track effort paved the way for his introspective catalog and laminated Kye as a trailblazer in his hometown. Come 2020, Kye Colors released his second project With Love. By Faith. via indpedent music powerhouse Wasteland Records. Boasting features from KB Devaughn and Aanysa, WLBF pushed across the Midwest. From his sharp lyricism to vivid storytelling, the 20-year-old is definitely one to keep an eye on all year long.

In our latest interview, we got a better understanding of the artist known as Kye Colors, his childhood, and music amongst other things. Check out the interview below!

For those who are unfamiliar with you, who exactly is Kye Colors?

I’m a 20-year-old music prodigy from Kansas City, MO. My name mirrors my music. Kye, my real name being J’Kye, represents “the reality.” Colors representing “fantasy.” My sound is smooth and colorful as the name is.

Walk me through your childhood, what was it like growing up in Kansas City?

I grew up in a two-parent home in south KC. Two sisters, manners, good home training. I didn’t have a bad childhood. I’m grateful I was even granted one. Adversity hit in-home and through the city when I got in middle school. Poor schooling, tough environments, crime, lack of attractions, and after-school programs played a factor around that. I didn’t get into music seriously until the 8th grade.

KC is a special place to be from and at. It’s got a variety of landscapes. We’re heavily influenced by the Bay and popular cities in the Midwest region when it comes to culture. So some of my musical influences even come from that. I grew up in the mix so I know a lot of people, crowds, and cliques. I was molded by the streets. While staying true to myself and what I believe in beyond that. 

How did you initially gravitate towards making music?

I’ve always loved rap music; I was put on since birth. I saw my uncle and cousins working on beats or writing. I’ve always been into writing, film, and the arts. To the point, I’d study it. I didn’t get into making “music” ’til about 2012. Me and my homies started a rap group but eventually branched off. Kye Colors came afterward in 2014.

Who were some of your early influences then and how about now?

My earlier influences were Cash Money, No Limit, Lil Bow Wow, Jay-Z, Tupac, The Neptunes, and Mac Dre. My influences now are Kendrick, Cole, Baby Keem, Brent Faiyaz, Tyler the Creator, Hit-Boy, Sade.

Given all the things you’ve experienced in the past few years, what is some advice you’d give to your younger self?

Don’t be so hard on yourself to where you’re not having fun. You’re doing everything right baby boy.

In 2020, you dropped your second full-length project—what’s next for you?

I’m looking for growth in my life and career. That may require isolation from the world for a minute or that I need to get outside more; be social with my people. More music for sure but I’m focused on detailed, sharp, and precise records that distinguish my “sound.”

In your own words, what makes you an artist to watch in 2021?

I’m coming straight from the heart this time. Let’s hope the world can handle it. 

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