KVYREN Breaks Down Records With Tierra Whack, Jack Harlow, & More!

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Philadelphia-raised producer KVRYEN is leaving her mark behind one song at a time. She’s credited for working with several of today’s most exciting acts, whether that be Jack Harlow or Tierra Whack.

Most recently, KVYREN, who has been coined the melodic queen, dropped a custom sample kit called ‘Queen of Hearts’ with Splice. She was also featured in Red Bull Music’s “Mystery Pack” series where she flipped ten random sounds into a rather amazing beat for her fans and viewers to listen to. If one thing is for certain, it’s that KVYREN is going to be big in the producer community in the near future.

Having made her name through several notable records these past few years, KVYREN dropped in to discuss her production on a few songs she admires most. Some of those names include Jack Harlow, Luh Kel, and Tierra Whack amongst others. Check out KVYREN’s breakdown below!

Tierra Whack – “Only Child”

I started working with Tierra in 2018. I began working with her a lot, I would go to work at AT&T and get off at like ten at night then cook up until three in the morning. “Only Child,” I made it in literally like with this other producer Nick Verruto. It was really simple and I didn’t think nothing of it. I was like this is just another beat and she ended up loving it and eventually, dropping it.

I was like wow, this is great. That was a really random situation but it ended up being amazing and after that, I actually moved to LA. We still collaborate, we just have to travel to see each other so it’s always nice when I come back home to Philly.


That was also super random. I just collaborate with a lot of producers, I particularly have been working with 2forwOyNE for a while. We just hit each other online and start sending loops to each other and something grabbed. I’m definitely the melody person, I feel like I have an ear for it since I played saxophone for a girl. That’s how we made “SMELLS LIKE INCENSE,” I made a melody pack and sent it to him then he laid the drums down and did the arrangement.

Bianca – “Ringtone”

That’s like one of the first records I produced. It was a while ago, maybe like 2017. I was working with her and she was doing a camp with Charlie Heat and we ended up meeting. She ended up liking one of the songs that I did, I produced it and I actually ended up writing on it as well. So I wrote the hook, which was really cool, and she ended up loving and dropping it. That was a really organic situation because we didn’t intend for that to happen.

Luh Kel – “Promise”

I have a guitar player and producer that I collaborate with and we would get together and write tracks. One of the songs we wrote, he remixed it and Luh Kel ended up hopping on it. It’s really cool because all of these stories before I thought music would even do anything are starting to manifest now. It was a blessing.

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