Postel Is The Chic Knitwear Label Creating Timeless Designs

Postel, the Melbourne-based knitwear and jewelry label loved for its sultry designs, exhibits handcrafted pieces by the brand’s founder Charlotte Gregg. Placing a priority on environmentally and socially ethical practices, the brand is amongst one of the most exciting knitwear labels to add to your wardrobe.

Postel sources entirely from Australian and New Zealand-based suppliers, constructing all of its knitwear in-house in Melbourne. The resulting products are timeless and minimal designs boasting a harmonious color palette that hugs the figure of those wearing the label. The label’s latest lineup sees cozy singlet tops and tanks paired with wool pants and mini skirts, as well as dresses that are all made from mesh-like material which allows the wearer’s body or undergarments to be seen through its fabric. Further standouts include a cotton bag and bandana, as well as a range of cotton gloves and wool sleeves.

Elsewhere, Postel initially launched with a range of jewelry offerings crafted from recycled materials and in small quantities. “I used that medium as an outlet for what I was going through. Forms that to me hold a lot of symbolism for the grief I felt and also translate to beautiful wearable art,” Gregg shares. Styles in the line—with the Genius Earring and Gravida Ring amongst our favorites—are plated with 24ct gold vermeil with a polished finish.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Postel founder Charlotte in regards to how the brand came to be, her design process, and how fashion builds confidence. Read on for our conversation.

Postel launched only a bit under a year and a half ago. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how the brand came to be?

It did but it’s been in my mind for a while now! I have an architecture degree and a master’s in fashion and business. Both exposed me to different elements of design that influence the materials I use and what inspires me.

After I graduated, I worked as a womenswear designer for other brands and just felt like I needed to challenge myself to give more than what was needed in those roles. Starting my own brand was a major goal of mine and it seemed like a natural progression. I started designing jewelry because I love how fashion on a small scale can contribute so much to a look, but my heart has always been in knitting. I have a strong relationship with my grandmother who taught me as a child and for me, it has always given me so much joy that I feel very privileged to create what I do every day.

What are some things that serve as inspiration for the brand? And who do you envision wearing your designs?

With my knitwear, I am inspired to create garments that show the technical elements of knitting and that also celebrate the human form. Yarns that I use have the ability to stretch and hold to a person’s figure in a really flattering way and therefore also make pieces quite unique to the wearer. While some of my garments are see-through it has never been about sexualizing the body, but having it be something to celebrate and also have the ability to layer and have knitwear be something you can wear all year long.

I don’t think I have a particular person in mind. When I see someone wearing something I’ve made, it’s the best feeling in the world. I just want to be able to keep doing that for as long as possible.

Your label is all about empowering people while simultaneously remaining eco-conscious of the environment. How do you think fashion builds confidence?

Defiantly! It’s amazing and so empowering to be able to wear something that makes you feel sexy, powerful, and comfortable. That is something I hope people get from my designs. However, it’s also empowering to buy from a business with ethical practices. The fashion industry is so detrimental to our global environment, on both an environmental and social level. While I love the industry it is hard to know you may be contributing to those issues.

I have tried my best—there is always room for improvement—to try and really slow it down and be as conscious as I can. We make every garment in-house from our studio in Melbourne, Australia. All our yarn is sourced from Australia and New Zealand and have a made-to-order business model which means no dead stock and very little excess waste.

What does the process behind creating a garment look like? How many hours are put into each piece?

All knitting patterns are designed by myself. This is a long but fun process, changing on the style. I spend a few days on each garment. Some take more time than others, and I hand dye some styles too!

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

So far my greatest challenge is time management. Being a small business that is constantly growing I play so many roles within the business that I need to learn to delegate. I personally make all the clothes as well as design, produce shoots and work on the admin. It is rewarding but 2022 will be the year of working smarter not just harder.

Talk to us about the first piece of jewelry you made and how was it a catalyst for the formation of your label?

When I decided to design jewelry I had gone through a tough time emotionally. I used that medium as an outlet for what I was going through. Forms that to me hold a lot of symbolism for the grief I felt and also translate to beautiful wearable art. Because the jewelry was the first aspect of the brand and held so much meaning to me, it was very freeing and really reinforced that I could make the brand a reflection of myself and my values. Going through this whole journey has been the best experience.

What advice would you give to people looking to pick up knitting? Where do you start?

I am a knitting nerd! I would encourage people to try it and see how they feel. It is very therapeutic and provides a form of meditation while also challenging your mind. Once you have an appreciation for what goes into it; the process of creating beautiful yarns and then making those into garments you will fall in love! I was lucky to have a grandmother who taught me at a young age and I feel very connected to her while I’m making.

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