Published: July 26, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

Kim Kardashian Joins The Call To Free Gunna

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Kim Kardashian, who will soon be a lawyer, has joined the campaign to #FreeGunna. The Atlanta rapper was detained in May for criminal racketeering along with Young Thug, who was detained on suspicion of conspiring to break GA’s criminal racketeering law, 26 members of the Young Stoner Life record label, and members of the alleged Young Slime Life street gang.

Attorneys have been pleading for Gunna‘s release on bail for weeks; their request has already been turned down twice. Kim K then felt it was time for her to participate. However, the Kardashian hasn’t said anything about her role in the case—or lack thereof—thus far. While all is going on, Gunna’s hired attorney has consistently defended the rapper’s innocence, arguing that the indictment, which used YSL lyrics as proof, “falsely portrays [Gunna’s] music as part of criminal conspiracy.”

The words “for slimes you know I kill” and “pay for that casket, that’s just if we whack em” are references to a gang and a firearm in the songs “Take It To Trial” and “Ski.” However, the use of song lyrics by the prosecution has drawn criticism from those who see the tactic as discriminatory since it links a predominently Black genre of music with criminal activities.

It might be some time before we see Kim Kardashian in a courtroom given that she just finished her first year of law school and only recently passed the “baby bar.” However, her Twitter advocacy record has already proven to be useful; she has had success urging the White House to commute the life sentences of Alice Marie Johnson and Chris Young, who were both convicted of drug offenses and sentenced to life in prison.

Gunna was refused bail, therefore he will have to sit in a prison cell until his trial, which is scheduled for January 2023. We’ll keep up to date on the situation regarding the rapper and his counterparts as more news on the trial comes out.