Published: February 5, 2022

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

Kickin’ It With: Kristine Kho

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For this week’s Kickin’ It With, Kristine K, one of the UK’s most exciting streetwear and sneakerheads gives us a look inside of her footwear collection and journey as a content creator. Picking up a passion for collecting sneakers in 2015, she cleverly styles outfits that feature covetable sneakers meshed with authentic and emerging clothing labels. “It became one of my biggest passions because being able to learn about the culture and the history of sneakers is so fascinating to me,” she shares.

Kristine chats with us about her favorite kicks, inclusivity within footwear culture, and hit-or-miss footwear collaborations amongst other topics. Continue scrolling for our interview.

Since when have you developed an obsession with sneaker culture and how has it become one of your biggest passions?  

It all started when my older brother introduced me to sneakers back in 2015. I always grew up watching him buy/collect sneakers and seeing him leave the house to camp out which I found pretty cool. So I admired the passion he had for it, he was an inspiration that led me to start getting into the sneaker scene. It became one of my biggest passions because being able to learn about the culture and the history of sneakers is so fascinating to me. To copping pairs that have a meaning, the community and being able to share the same passion with like-minded people.

Do you recall purchasing your first-ever pair of kicks? What were they?  

When I finally got a job and had enough money to buy sneakers, I copped myself the Nike Air Jordan 1 Royals. Since then, that’s what led me to start collecting Jordan 1’s.   
 Seeing the steady rise of women’s exclusives, what are some things that you still find lacking in the world of women’s sneakers?

Definitely size-inclusive runs. There have been so many great sneaker releases that unfortunately only came out in men’s sizes. It’s disheartening because despite having come a long way in recent years, sizing is still a massive issue. Women just want an equal level when it comes to buying sneakers.  

What are three of your ultimate favourite sneakers of all time? 

In no particular order, my three favourite sneakers in my collection are the Jordan 1 Royal as they were my first ever self bought sneaker, the Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere and the Union LA Jordan 4 in ‘Off Noir’.  

Is there a pair of kicks that you regret missing out on or selling? Why is that?
I most definitely regret selling my Nike Air Jordan 1 Gold Toes. At the time, I needed to save money so I decided to sell my pair and still to this day it hurts me. I’m still hoping to get them again for a decent price.

What is your step-by-step process when it comes to keeping your holy grail sneakers fresh and clean? 

I know that we should wear our sneakers, but when it comes to a ‘holy grail’, I tend to be more careful when wearing them out. I try not to crease them too much and I love to use the Crep Protect cure kit to clean and preserve. I always store my sneakers back in their boxes, but always have to make sure they’re clean beforehand.  

Over the past decade, we’ve seen tons of high-profile collaborations that usually come out amazing, but sometimes they don’t. In your opinion, what’s a recent sneaker collaboration that’s truly worth the hype and in contrast, one that you feel is a bit overrated?  

A recent collaboration that’s worth the hype was the A Ma Maniere x Jordan 3, simply because of the meaning and the thought process into designing the shoe. You can also appreciate the beauty and every detail that has been poured onto it. The colourway also adds a touch of a retro feel, so you can never go wrong with this pair.

For a collaboration that feels a bit overrated would be Travis Scott. At the beginning it was so sick, but the longer it’s gone on, it became more overrated. Not only that, resell prices are a ridiculous amount.

Obviously, you provide an immense amount of inspiration for sneakerheads, but who are some of your favourite footwear influencers on Instagram at the moment? 

My number one favourite footwear influencer on Instagram would have to be Aleali May. She never fails when it comes to her sneaker designs. On top of that, her style and sneakers together are immaculate.