Khamari Creates Modern R&B From The Male Perspective

There’s no denying that Boston-native and multifaceted musician Khamari was destined to pursue music. Citing Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi as musical influences, he grew up playing instruments ranging from the French horn to the violin, and by 2017, Khamari left Berklee School of Music to become a musician full time.

In 2020, Khamari graced us with his debut offering aptly titled Eldorado. Tackling subjects such as mental health, struggles, and love, it arrives at a concise six songs. The EP was produced by GRAMMY-nominated superproducers Alex Delicata (BeyoncĂ©, Lil Wayne, Jessie Reyez) and Trackside (Selena Gomez, Ryan Destiny, Tinashe), who both have an extensive resume of working with major R&B icons. Among several guitar-laden, the project is fulfilled with soft, stolid R&B jams such as “Jealous” and “The Heat.” Elsewhere, the Jae Stephens-assisted track “Other Side” sees the singer’s voice undulating in layers over sparse, twinkling beats.

The following year, the Massachusetts polymath hit the stage for the first time for Day N Vegas alongside a slew of other R&B newcomers. Elsewhere, he followed up his debut EP with the release of his November single “Doctor, My Eyes,” one of the musician’s strongest works to date. The accompanying visual, directed by MOM, documents the weight of feeling too much and losing self-awareness. Something consistent among Khamari’s records is the otherworldly quality of production laced with tasteful, glossy precision.

For Khamari, music is an instrument for emotional expression with a sound that can be described as refreshingly comforting in today’s era. As he continues to expand his catalog, his music begins to unfold into the sonic diary of a young man whose story is not only relatable but often underappreciated. Stream his discography below.

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