K Forest RAYDAR Press Photo

K Forest Talks New Project ‘Pray For a Beautiful Sky’

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K Forest RAYDAR Press Photo

A sense of anticipation tingles in the air as Toronto’s own musical vanguard, K Forest, prepares to unveil his opus, Pray For A Beautiful Sky.

Recognized by Spotify’s Radar Canada as the featured artist of the month, the multi-talented independent R&B trailblazer promises to captivate the senses with his diverse musical range that straddles several genres. Dripping with charisma, the vibrant melodic intro track titled “91” kickstarts the journey, hinting at the artistic versatility K Forest brings to the table.

As K Forest’s narrative unfurls across the project, he doesn’t shy away from his personal truth, shedding light on a lifelong struggle towards inner peace. This raw, autobiographical underpinning brings an air of authenticity to his creations. From grappling with the confining chains of his past to emerging as an embodiment of unshakeable self-affirmation, K Forest channels his experiences into his art, constructing an intimate, cathartic connection with his listeners.

His profound self-reflection lends depth to the tracks like “Most,” “Thug Passion,” “Thoughts and Prayers,” and “Burdens and Blessings,” and ultimately forms the bedrock of this harmoniously wrapped musical ensemble.

Beyond his audacious lyrics and captivating melodies, K Forest continues to hone his sound, oscillating seamlessly between different genres while preserving the soulful richness of rhythm and blues. From his breakthrough appearance on Travis Scott‘s Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight to his myriad of singles and albums that have dominated the streaming platforms over the past few years, K Forest’s rich musical trajectory paints a picture of an artist steadfast in his pursuit of distinctive and enduring music.

With the recent release of Pray For A Beautiful Sky, we sit down with K Forest, delving deep into his creative journey, his pursuit for self-discovery and spiritual peace, and what this new album signifies in his life and career.

First and foremost, tell us about your early journey in music. I’m sure it’s been a long road to get to where you are right now.

I was initially introduced to the music industry at a young age. My uncle was in a music group called ‘Tru-Paz,’ and he would bring me to the music video shoots and studios, so I could see how everything worked. Then, on a trip to England, I learned how to produce music using FL Studio and Mixcraft to record my music, add effects, mix my voice, and use auto-tune. All this brought me to this point where I can curate and structure songs and make music today.

Your album Pray for a Beautiful Sky seems like a deeply personal journey. Can you tell us more about the title and what it mean?

How I came up with ‘Pray for a Beautiful Sky’ was just a cry to God that what I was going through would be relieved. More so, the weight of everything on my shoulders would be reduced. This album is essential to me because I have never put much of myself at the forefront of anything I’ve created. It explains what I was going through and my relationship with God, which has shaped and impacted me.

The making of this album involved confronting and overcoming inner demons. How did this introspective journey influence the sound and the creative process of the album?

I had to confront many of the things I was going through for people to receive what needed to be said. It required a level of transparency that I could not do at one point, which is why I postponed this album for a bit. In the creative process, I had to ensure I was exemplifying what was in my head and what I had been feeling. This genre of this entire album is what I consider a ghetto gospel where the grittiness side meets with the holy and purity side. It’s like going to church but hearing a sermon in the hood… something like that.

Also, one of the things that’s revealed in this project is that you’re good at expressing your emotions through your music. Is it something that comes easily to you?

I think I am okay at expressing my emotions through my music… This has gotten better, and I have learned to do it, but with this album, I just let go. I didn’t hold back a story and gave everything this time around. I think I have a lot to say. I write every day – I would not say I make music every day, but with journaling and writing, I do every day and when I hear the right beat? Automatically it is applied, and everything I have been writing down, the song makes itself.

Could you walk us through the inspiration behind the track “91”? What does it represent for you as an artist and as a person?

The inspiration around the track” 91″ was just a reminder and an anthem for explaining how unpredictable and elusive people’s traps and opinions are about who I am, what I am, and whatever I am doing. It represents me as an artist and someone constantly on the move and on the go; my mind is always running. And I’m always willing to evolve and change, and just when you think you have figured me out, I am back on the run.

Being an artist, fashion and music are often inseparable. What fashion brands or trends are you rocking with at the moment?

The fashion brands I like that bring out my creativity and what I represent as an artist are just keeping clean but still something saucy. I like van Cleef – subtle jewelry like that; I like wearing regular blank tees, Carrhartts, Dickies… Brands where I can be very simple, where I can be very expressive through my jewelry.

Lastly, what are your hopes and expectations regarding the impact this album will have on your fans or people that don’t necessarily know about your music?

I would say the hope I have regarding this album and its impact is that I hope people strengthen their relationship with people, God, family and their loved ones and always be transparent and honest. Maybe the level of self-reflection I have taken will inspire them to do something that will encourage them to step out of their shells and into a new frame.