Jon Vinyl

Jon Vinyl Unveils New Video “Told You”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jon Vinyl unveils his new song “Told You” with its accompanying video. The nearly four-minute long short is directed by Alimzhan Sabir and arrives ahead of his forthcoming project, slated to drop in the coming months.

Speaking on the song, Jon Vinyl shared, “The ideation of ‘Told You’ sparked during a tough break up. My significant other and I weren’t on the best terms, ultimately leading to a huge lack of communication in our relationship. I was in this hopeful headspace where I felt like I needed to let her know that she is my person and that we can get through this, which wasn’t easy.” He adds, “Feeling quite helpless, I turned to what I know – the pen and paper – to create this song which encapsulates all the things I was having trouble expressing to her back then.”

“Told You” takes listeners on an emotive relationship journey that wavers through love and unbearable
hardship, unraveling as a beautiful mess. Check out the Kevin Efoko, Shanks, and Ty Leon-produced song below.

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