Jon Vinyl: The ‘Lost In You’ Interview

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Jon Vinyl is a refreshing, soulful singer giving Toronto a new musical flair with his magnetic personality and charm. The 23-year-old artist draws inspiration from icons like Luther Vandross and Maxwell, finding his footing in music at the early age of 15. After a slew of singles these past few years, Jon Vinyl put out his eagerly-awaited debut project Lost In You which includes pre-release singles such as “Stacy,” “Void,” and “Deflect” amongst many new and exciting records.

“Crafting this project was the most vulnerable I’ve ever been with my artistry,” Jon Vinyl shared. “To me, music is most beautiful when you push through the discomfort of raw emotions, take risks, and most importantly, take your time. Although this project echoes unbelievably personal experiences of mine, Lost In You can simultaneously act as a cinematic experience for anyone to resonate with.”

Off the heels of his new album, we spoke with Jon Vinyl about his Toronto roots, songwriting, standout tracks on the album, and much more! Read below.

How has growing up in Toronto influenced your versatile music style? 

Growing up in Toronto allows you to experience a plethora of cultures and meet different so many unique people. Everyone I met growing up – and everyone I continue to meet – frequently put me onto new things, music being the most impactful piece. I’m really grateful for the fact that I have such a diverse crowd of friends who are all into different genres and styles of music, which ultimately expanded my horizons, influencing me to tap into unexplored avenues.

You were very involved in the creative process of your most recent music video and one of my favorite songs off the project, “Stacy.” Can you describe what that process was like? 

I wanted to have some fun with the “Stacy” music video and keep the vibe super light-hearted, so the team and I collectively decided that I was going to work at a flower shop. Everyone loves flowers! The track gives off a very bright and lively energy, which is exactly what we aimed to encompass with the visuals. I always strive to make the experience of bringing my artistry to life as real as possible, while ensuring we’re all having fun in the making. Alim (Director) always trusts me to show my true character, so we did exactly that.

What emotions do you hope to elicit in your listeners with Lost In You? 

Lost In You is a really vulnerable project. At the end of the day, we’re all human. We go through to ebbs and flows of romantic relationships and it’s important to accept our emotions as they come. With this project, I really hope for listeners to actualize the emotions they’re feeling within their personal relationships and be honest with themselves. If you love them, say it. If you’re fearful of the future, say it. What good is it to hide your truth?

If you had to pick just one track from the album, which would be either your favorite or most personal song to date and why? 

“Void” is one of my favorite songs off the album for the simple fact that it really allowed me to be blatantly honest. It’s so easy to forget to slow down and take time to be present, put the phone down, slow your thinking, and just bask in the moment – free of outside distractions. This song is a constant reminder to do just that.

How do you think the pandemic has impacted your work and creative process? Is it reflected in any of the music? 

To be honest, the pandemic has just given me more time to lock myself in the studio and create, which is exactly what I want to do. It feels like there’s much fewer distractions and time restraints as well, so the song-writing and melodies are flowing so endemically. This downtime has actually helped my creative process tremendously. 

Album aside, what is your recording and songwriting process like? 

I typically start off by listening to the beat we create and determining whether it needs more or less on the production side. Then I try to tap into how the beat makes me feel from an emotive perspective. Then I pair the swaggiest melodies and songwriting together to create some melodic magic!!

What are you looking forward to as your career and fan base grows? 

I’m looking forward to booking a world tour and launching a hit song in my future, that’s the goal and the big dream right now. I want to be in a venue with all my fans to just celebrate, vibe out, and be surrounded by the people who rock with the music I’m creating.

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