Published: May 5, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

Joaquina Botánica Merges Latin American Heritage With Skincare

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Joaquina Botánica, founded by Giovanna Campagna, takes a different approach to skincare. Made without sulfates, silicones, and parabens, the products are formulated with high-performing ingredients and nourishing botanicals sourced from Latin America.

Boasting formulas that are powered by clinically proven actives and luscious botanicals indigenous to Latin America, Joaquina Botánica’s range include the highly-coveted Calendula + Peptides Hydrating Essence and Orquídea + Vitamin C Hydrating Glow Oil. Designed to hydrate, plump, and soothe, the mist allows you to refresh your skin with an instant boost of lustrous hydration. Meanwhile, the Vitamin C oil aims to reduce uneven pigmentation, improve signs of aging, and provide anti-oxidative protection through ingredients and botanicals like orchid, cacay, and bakuchiol. “Our oil brings together a blend of beautiful botanical oils and extracts, coupled with clinical actives that boost their benefits,” Giovanna says.

Recently, Joaquina Botánica expanded its product lineup with the Porcelain Cacao + Amino Acids Crema Esencial. The youth preserving, lightweight moisturizer helps replenish the skin while also strengthening and reinforcing the skin’s defense against damage. It’s formulated with Colombian superfruits such as cacay, uchuva, and guava, as well as porcelain cacao, which helps protect the skins from blue light pollution.

To learn more about Joaquina Botánica, we spoke with founder Giovanna to chat about the label’s formulas, new products, and skincare rituals among other topics. Read on for our conversation.

How do you define the concept of beauty and how does that translate into your formulas and product designs?

I think beauty is as simple as healthy, nourished, bare-faced radiant skin – coupled with a vibrant spirit. Each of our formulas are designed to achieve glowing, luminous skin that you feel confident showing off with or without makeup. Our product designs exude the same warmth and optimism that our philosophy does, through our signature bright papaya color and lush vibe. 

What was the first instance when you realized creating a beauty brand would be possible?

I realized that there was an opportunity to create something that never existed before – a line of luxury skincare celebrating Latin American beauty traditions and ingredients. It is a crowded market, and in a way, I couldn’t believe it didn’t exist yet – but there was something new we could offer. 

Joaquina Botánica is also result-driven, clean, and cruelty-free! Have there been challenges in prioritizing ethical and sustainable production?

In skincare, there is always a tradeoff between clean, sustainable practices, and what is more cost-efficient and fast. Choosing primarily glass packaging and sustainably sourced cartons means higher costs and longer lead times, for example. And formulation has often taken longer because of our commitment to clean practices. Developing a clean cream moisturizer that is effective and feels luxurious in texture takes expert chemistry because you are limited in so many ingredients that contribute to body and consistency. It took countless rounds to create our new Crema Esencial, but it was well worth it! 

Talk to us about the brand’s beloved Orquídea + Vitamin C Hydrating Glow Oil. What was the development process behind the oil like, considering there is a big list of do-not-use ingredients at  Joaquina Botánica?

Our oil brings together a blend of beautiful botanical oils and extracts, coupled with clinical actives that boost their benefits. Formulating clean was in some ways not difficult with this product because it is essentially just high levels of these natural ingredients in their purest form. 

What was difficult was creating a beautiful scent experience without using Fragrance or Essential Oils. I was adamant about achieving this because I felt that there virtually no amazing face oils can say that they do. I also wanted to create a sweet, warm scent that transports you and is almost “tasty” – rather than a “green” or more aromatherapy-like scent. We ultimately achieved the oils buttery, nutty scent just through the perfect ratio and blend of the oils themselves – nothing added. It is truly addictive!

With the launch of your new Porcelain Cacao + Amino Acids Crema Esencial, what made this the perfect addition to the brand’s current product lineup? What are you most excited about with the release?

I was excited to launch our first cream moisturizer – perhaps the most iconic skincare product. I wanted to create a clean cream unlike the others – one that truly feels hydrating and luxurious in texture and experience, melts into the skin, and actually works. 

I love that Porcelain Cacao addresses the signs of blue light pollution. In this day and age, we are so over-exposed to our devices, and it is believed this can lead to premature “digital aging.” With the Crema, we take this pure, exotic ingredient from nature to target this side effect of modern life 

In regards to your own skincare ritual, how do you harmonize skincare and beauty with your personality and advocacy around mental health and self-care?

I find that thinking of your skincare ritual as a moment of self-care helps with both consistency, and with actually creating mindful time for yourself. For example, I have started saying a list of positive affirmations to myself each morning while I am doing my skincare. Trying the two practices together helps stick to both. 

I think of beauty and skincare as something very personal. I create products that align with my philosophy of wanting feel like the best version of myself, rather than trying to follow trends or look like someone else. I try not to get bogged down in social media, which I think can definitely be detrimental and breed the impulse to compare. I always say that our skincare line is meant to give you that feeling of your skin on holiday somewhere warm – skin that is cushioned from humidity, vibrant from rest, sun, and fresh foods. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling – which is definitely a feeling even more than a specific look! 

Products aside, what are some habits you try to incorporate into your daily life to maintain healthy skin?

I believe there is a strong skin-gut connection, and notice that when I am eating clean, my complexion definitely looks more clear. I limit my sugar and alcohol intake, as I notice that when I go overboard, the breakouts follow. Alcohol has also been shown to lead to premature aging as it can cause cell oxidation. 

I have recently started adding electrolyte mixes to my water to encourage myself to drink more of it, as hydrated skin truly starts from within. There is only so much you can do topically! Finally, I believe that infrared saunas and a good old-fashioned workout help boost my skin circulation and glow!