Jillian Lake

Jillian Lake Shares Her New Ballad “Steady Hands”

Today, indie-pop phenomenon Jillian Lake unloads her new single “Steady Hands.” The record, assisted by fellow musician and producer Jordan Klassen, narrates raw and vulnerable moments of grief and heartbreak to self-discovery and falling in love.

On “Steady Hands,” Klassen’s cinematic and syncopated production pairs seamlessly with Jillian’s stripped-down singer-songwriter form. Together they created an album that combines her raw poetry and instinct for melodies with his expertise in song structure and instrumentation. The record marks her first official single of the year, following fan favorites such as “Don’t Scuff Your Shoes” and “XVII,” the latter of which has risen to popularity as one of her strongest works to date.

“I wrote this single when I was heartbroken living on the 22nd floor of an apartment right off Sunset Beach in Vancouver. I would sit in the living room and stare out at the most beautiful sunset over the horizon, and think—how can I not feel happy in this moment? I twistedly love the aching feeling because that’s what inspires my art,” Jillian shares. “I am majorly influenced by my surroundings, my day-to-day, the people I see on the bus, the mundane walk to work, the sad sunset—I let it all affect how I’m feeling, and that in turn comes out in my writing.” 

With a reminiscent and nostalgic tone, “Steady Hands” finds Jillian Lake blurring the lines between folk, indie, and pop. Her soft, delicate vocals and wistful harmonies dance atop warm, organic instrumentation, resulting in a heartfelt, sentimental release. Listen below.

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