Jayson Cash

Jayson Cash Is On His Way To Rap Stardom

Each year, the West Coast brings forth some of the most exciting and irrefutably peculiar names to grace the mic. Hailing from Carson, Jayson Cash offers his bright, optimistic, and melodic take on the scene.

Growing up, Jayson’s musical upbringing radiated around the church, with his grandfather’s ministry encouraging him to participate in the youth choir and explore his own creative gifts. Naturally, he gravitated to the art of rap as a vehicle for self-expression, inspired by the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Suga Free to name a few. Jayson Cash devoted years to making music and things were finally starting to take off for him. Although in 2017, he was tragically shot three times which left him in the hospital bed before relearning how to walk. Undoubtedly, it’s been a long journey that if you were to pull anything from it, it’s that you can bounce back from the nearly impossible.

Fast forward to 2021, under a new imprint with Atlantic Records, Cash is on a new trajectory to triumph. His first release through a major label, “All I Know,” formally introduces you to the rapper and his Southern California upbringing. Prior to that, he dropped flawless features on Symba’s 2020 song “Westside Story” as well as JAG’s “The Forum.” Coming off the heels of his label debut single, Jayson Cash turned things up a notch with his Blxst-assisted single “Priority,” which has over a million streams to date. It’s one of his more vulnerable works and the two West Coast musicians add their respective spews on the track for an undeniable banger.

More recently, he made waves with “Been In My Bag” featuring 1TakeJay and Major Myjah, which is one hell of a way to close off the year. With his forthcoming debut project being in the works for quite some time, Jayson Cash brings a new, refreshing sound to hip-hop while simultaneously paying homage to the legends that paved a way for him. There’s a lot of potential to be tapped into and we’re excited to see where Cash finds himself in the new few years. Stream his discography below.

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