Published: August 3, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

Jayde Marks Her Eagerly-Awaited Return With “nevermind” Video

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With her new chill-pop track “nevermind,” up-and-coming Toronto singer-songwriter Jayde battles the devil on her shoulder with a dramatic video evocative of classic rom-coms from the 1990s and 2000s.

Speaking on the single, the singer shares, “The song is admittedly super selfish in the sense that I was feeling these ways but still not wanting to be the one to make the call and take the blame. Sometimes we want someone else to mess it up so we have a real reason to leave as opposed to just wanting to be single and be dumb.”

The polished pop sonics represent a bright new chapter for the young artist, a departure from her previous sad-girl offerings. “I was at a very stagnant place in my life,” she confesses. “I felt like I was very stuck in this one place both emotionally and physically and I remember wanting to ensue chaos on my own life but the little angel on my shoulder would often say ‘no, you don’t actually want that, I promise…’ and from there I felt like I was just in this constant battle with where I was and what I could do to get out of the monotonous cycle I felt trapped in.”

In 2022, Jayde plans to release more songs. She explains that “the new releases are some of the most genuine” to her creative identity, “this project came from a period of musical exploration but personal stagnation.” At times, Jayde’s creative process was fraught with existential anxiety. She doubted everything she was doing and all she was capable of. In her current work, she has no qualms about delving into the harsh facts of what it’s like to be a creative and negotiate one’s own identity in today’s quickly changing world, having finally let go of any concept of who she should sound like or what she should say.

Listen to Jayde’s new song “nevermind” below.

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